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I am 21 years of age, I currently hold two bachelor degrees. These degrees consist of Criminal Justice, as well as Political Science.

I am thinking about joining the military to help further my career in relation to working within the FBI, or CIA when i am older.

I have been looking into the AFOSI (Air Force Office of Special Investigations). Although i am going to talk to a recruiter about it, the overall approval rate of actually getting accepted into this program is farly low.

What other programs within the different military branches (Marines, Air Force, Army.....) can help me further pursue

my overall goal in becomming a FBI or CIA agent?

Any help will greatly be appreciated.


What are the proper names for the different special investigations units within each branch?

Thanks again.

Update 2:

I havent applied for either position (FBI, CIA). I want to get a military background for my own benefit.

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    Army--Criminal Investigations Division

    Navy/Marines--Navy Criminal Investigative Service

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    Sounds like you need to talk to the CIA or FBI. Not all of them are from the military originally. With 2 degrees I am surprised you have not been recruited.

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    with your education, any branch will put you in a good position. all of them want to utilize your skills/brains as much as possible to their benefit. when you think in terms of prestige, marines by far have the others beat for training. they aren't well known for brains, but there must be quite a few good men in that category as well - otherwise how would they get to be the first ones on the scene, right? hope this helps. I guess I lean towards the marines because my father was in.

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    well man i am 20 and i am in the marines. i dont have my degree but i can definately assure you if you do go into special investigations with any military branch it would look amazing on any resume for any job. or i mean you could always do military police.

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    the FBI/CIA, WTF do ya wonna get into them for, I mean all they do is run around hiding **** like UFO's ect

    Get a real job, be a tradesman !

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