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what is a political cleavage?

what is a political cleavage?

Plz identify and describes three political cleavages in the Democratic Party today.

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    A political cleavage is a term to refer to the potenial dangers that might lead to disagreement and even a split among a political party. As the disagreement can seriously affect the party's future, members involved have to compromise for the sake of the party instead of personal interest.

    In the US, pro-democrats who are against Hillary might try to give the impression that her supporters are skin-deep, choosing her for her appearance such as clothes, make-up and cleaveage [here the word refers to a woman's appearance instead of the meaning disagreement]. Clearly, one of the political cleavages among the Democratic Party is sex.

    http://politicaltick/ er.blogs.cnn.com/200 7/07/28/clinton-seek s-cleavage-cash/

    Another issue is race, as pointed out in an article previously mentioned in another question of yours. Actually, both candidates from the same political party are similar in many ways. Apart from race and sex, what seems to make them different as a future president is their attitude to the war against Iraq. Although both would say no to Bush's current policy, Obama seems to be the one who would take prompt action -- withdraw faster.

    http://www.msnbc.msn/ .com/id/15920730/pag e/2/

    http://en.wikipedia./ org/wiki/Obama#Presi dential_campaign

    http://globalcop.us/ 2007/01/hillary-bara ck-differences.html

    http://www.hindustan/ times.com/StoryPage/ StoryPage.aspx?id=db ea221e-32ec-4c53-b3e e-f24818a14d6a&M atchID1=4635&Tea mID1=7&TeamID2=9 &MatchType1=2&am p;SeriesID1=1169& ;PrimaryID=4635& Headline=Hillary%2c+ Obama+sort+their+dif ferences

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