What is the difference between fragrance, cologne, perfume, eau de toilette....?

(am i missing anything else?)

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    fragrance would be the general term we use for all the others you have stated.

    basically there are perfume, eau de parfum, ED toilette, and ED cologne.

    the difference lies in the amount or concentration of oils used in the fragrance. highest is perfume, followed by EDP, then EDT then EDC. EDC is normally used for men's fragrances. hope this would help.

  • Alcohol content (this is what dilutes the perfume oil and makes it less concentrated)

    Parfum has a very minuscule percentage of alcohol content

    Eau de parfum has the next highest alcohol content but it is still a small percentage

    Eau de Toilette (litterally translated "toilet water") is higher in alcohol content

    Cologne (the nicer way of saying "eau de toilette") has essentially the same alcohol content that Eau de Toilette does.

    The more oil in the parfum the more expensive and concentrated it is

    The more alcohol in the perfume, the more diluted and cheaper it is

    Source(s): I'm a beauty junkie :)
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    perfume is the strongest. It has the most oil in it, so it stays on the longest.

    I think eau de toilette would be next strongest

    then cologne

    Generally, look at the pricing of it. If it is the same number of ounces, (example: 1.7 ounces) the most expensive one is the strongest.

    Source(s): I worked at Lancome.
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