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DIfference between army groundtroops vs marine ground troops?

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    As I former Army ground troop (11B airborne infantryman) for 16 years the main difference is method of transportation, structure and size, and employment.

    -The Marines are primaily a seaborne/heliborne force.

    -The Army can do the seaborne role, but doesn't. We definently do the helo role and have a large airborne arm added.

    -We both use tracked and wheeled vehicles to manevuer to our objectives.

    -Once dismounted, we fight the same. Except in the Army we have a large supporting forces, but the Marines have their air arm under their control we really helps in some situations.

    -Marines have 13 man squads, we have 9.

    -Since we have many types of infantry, the training you recieve will vary in the Army. The fitness in a leg, mech unit will normally not be on par with an airborne or ranger one. not even a light or straight leg one. The mentality differs betweens some units because of the 'can do' attitude and self awareness of the troops. The Marines push this on ALL the their folks whereas the Army is just now starting to do it, but not by upping the fitness too. That's the straight truth.

    Anyway, I could on forever, but here are some links to show you the way...



    Both groups kick butt....

    Source(s): Army military combat vet of OEF and OIF. Former paratrooper and current JAG who misses his grunt days but thanks to the Tailban got it cut short....
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    The only differences between the US Army

    ground troops and the US Marine ground troops are the uniforms, other than that, their training might be a little different.

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    Well, Marines are a division of the Navy... so they have been trained in the customs of Naval Infantry. They are trained in beach landings, how to board and disembark a ship, hand to hand combat and other specialties that the Army does not get standard in training. Their training is much more strenuous (being a product of the Army, I can still say this) both physically and mentally. They are generally chosen for the most strenuous duty because of this (which includes embassy guards). Their slogan is, "Semper Fi" short for Semper Fidelis which in Latin means, "Always Faithful". The slogan in my Army Infantry Unit was "Semper Primus" which in Latin means, "Always First"

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    Marines are considered more of an assault force - usually but not always assaulting from the sea. Army, large ground battles.

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    Marines are a highly trained, highly motivated, lightly-armed inteventionist assault force, either amphibious or airborne, which is why using them for either occupation duty or in an entrenched defense posture are two of the dumbest decisions the Pentagon has ever made in the last 40 years. (that is, Marines in Iraq and in Khe San).

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    marines are deployed from ships and have amphibious vehicles a higher percentage of infantry and light armored vehichles. The army has airborne (paratroopers and heliborne troopers) and mechinized infantry, and a much higher percentage of tank, heavy armor, and heavy artillery.

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    Marines commercials are better than ours other than that we all fight to die. I hate em but would kill for em anyday and I Know its mutual.

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    One wears the Eagle Globe and Anchor and the other one never will..ALSO, one belongs to an army of about 600,000 soldiers and the other one is part of the worlds finest fighting force comprised of about 170,000. hard chargers.

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    Marines are usually 1st in and last out. expedtionary forces, army infantry, combat assist teams and support, armored, logistics,etc..

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    marines just kick @$$

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