Do cellular phone companies flag the accounts of "problem customers"?

My boyfriend can be rather abrasive. He also has had plenty of problems with Verizon's service and has called them several times. The agents are very dismissive or even provoking when he calls.

I have just about had it with the phone companies. They don't seem to care whether we like what they do or not. Must spend a lot of money on lobbyists or something...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Speaking as someone who used to do customer service for a cell phone company. They don't flag the account per say but you wouldn't believe some of the notes the representatives write in there like:

    " INFO -- ## ALWAYS RUDE ## "

    And notes like the above does color the judgment of the next rep who deals with that particular customer..

    And it's really not true about **all** phone companies. I work for a small home phone company and they have people who care but most people don't understand that when they're given a 7 day grace period to pay their bill it's because the CLEC (smaller phone company) only has a certain # of days to pay the circuit provider who almost 100% of the time AT&T...

    I have given extensions to people and after I did they acted like it was their RIGHT to have it, customers can be very ungrateful and since it's so stressful a job some companies just end up having to hire warm bodies of folks who don't care as much..

    Why not try Kindness when you call into Verizon, it goes a long way with most CSRs.

    Source(s): experience in Telecom over 10 years
  • 4 years ago

    I have Verizon Wireless, but it has pros and cons. Pros: They are probably the most reliable wireless service in America, because you will always have bars, no matter where you are. Even in a forest, you will most likely have bars. I think that Verizon in that aspect is way better than AT&T and any other company around. Cons: The customer service in most stores is horrible. Either you will end up being yelled at for a small mistake, or they will end up charging you $50.00 for repairs, it's just not pleasant. Despite the fact that Verizon's customer service is dissapointing, their service is overall good. If you feel like paying less, you should definitely buy a Go-Phone, one that you pay as you go. If you feel like you don't need a cellular phone for a month, or you will be going away for a while, you won't pay for that time, whereas, in a plan, you keep paying and you lose money. JL

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