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Keeping ACFs and Plecos together??

I've done a little research on Plecos, and alot on ACFs, and I decided I might keep one smallish Pleco in there with the ACFs.. Smallish meaning 4 1/2-7 in. I'm kinda worried about the Pleco's spines, because if you don't know about ACFs, they will eat anything that fits in their mouth, and try to eat everything else, and might try nibbling at the Pleco or even just brush past it a little too rough. Will the spines harm my ACFs?

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    Do not keep an African Clawed Frog with a pleco or any other tank mate. Regardless of the size at the time of purchase, a common pleco WILL grow to exceed a length of 15 inches Nevertheless, ACFs should be kept in a specimen tank and not smaller than 10 gallons. The size of your pleco and potential damage from spines is irrelevant. ACFs need to be kept as single specimens or in breeding pairs. Do not mix with any other tank mate.

    EDIT: If you have to ask what an ACF is [icequeen], you should not answer the question!!

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