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BJ Penn vs Joe Stevenson. Who will win and what will the outcome be? Your thoughts...?

I can't wait for this pay-per-view tonight. I've heard some people say that the card for this one isn't any good, but come on, are you kidding me? Marcus Davis has been on a tear winning his last 10 out of 10 fights, and he's always exciting to watch. Gonzaga is just a beast and that should be a good fight as well. But the title fight is definitely what everyone will be waiting for, including myself. So who's got what it takes? Me personally, I thought during the interviews just recently at the weigh-in's that BJ looked very focused, it was almost as if he wasn't really thinking about what he was saying, to me he looked like he was just keeping his mind set on the fight. I think BJ and Stevenson will both be at the top of their game, but how does everyone else think this will turn out and why?

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    BJ Penn wins by being the better fighter. I really don't think that the fight will be that close. Look at who Penn has fought and look at who Stevenson has fought. Stevenson won't offer anything that Penn hasn't already seen. Penn by 2nd round stoppage.

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    i think its a pretty good card, at least not as bad as most people think. davis has looked great, i cant believe how good his ground game looks, and he has excelent boxing. gonzaga is very tallented and will be in the hw title picture for a long time, i also think bj penn looks ready to go, if he really is in good shape and focused i think he has no problems with stevenson, and i'd love to see bj penn v sherk if he ever gets over the steriod business

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    BJ Penn, hes the prodigy" he's ranked interior the excellent 10 in mma of his branch and carry victory over pulver and matt hughes. He have been given loopy grappling skills. and that i by no potential relatively heard of this Stevenson guy so yeah. nicely i be attentive to he lost to Pulver which BJ defeated. i be attentive to you cant degree who extra helpful like that, yet nevertheless. by applying the transitive sources u can tho. LOL

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    I think BJ Penn will win, but that may be just because he is so likable.

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    Tom Brady beats both of them at the same time, and then he also beats Kimbo Slice AND Tank Abbott in an upcoming UFC match. Brady = God.

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