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Should I feel comfortable with music like eminem and black eyed peas?

My girlfriend likes to listen to music like this... and it makes me feel really uncomfortable inside. I don't like music that looks down on women and I can't get myself to understand really why girls seem to like this kind of music. I mean, should I be feeling this way? Or am I just being overprotective of my girlfriend? I just don't like her listening to people singing about getting stoned and having sex... It just doesn't seem right to me. Any help and I'll appreciate it.

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    Music goes along way with me. I wouldn't date a girl that listens to that kind of music, then that just adds to what she thinks she cares about, the way she talks and the way she thinks. But hey, it's her music and she can listen to it whenever she wants... How about you, what do you listen to?

    Well, there's not much you can do. It's okay to feel this way. That kind of music sucks anyways. I guess what you CAN do is kinda' let her listen to music YOU like. For example: If you guys are hanging out at your house, in your room, maybe you can put some of your music on the radio or something. Maybe she'll say something about your music and that's when you can say something back to her about her music. Or maybe she'll just get used to your type of music and she'll get away from the other stuff.

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    oh my what a good are the last good guy left (sarcasm)....there ya go....pathetic, and nobody buys it. this is ridiculous. listen to the music with the girl and stop being a drag. and WOW you are so protective of her....because you are uncomfortable with the music she listens to. this is absolutely comical....i bet you think you whooped someones *** after you gave them a great big slap. whoa better watch out for you, lmao.

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    Its just music, calm down! every one has there own preferances- maybe its not the words she likes so much as the rhythm

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    Yep go for it. i love black eyed peas heaps of people do!!!

    my three year old cousins favourite singer is eminem.

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    its okay to feel that way. it's good in fact. you're a good guy :)

    maybe there is a little protecting your girlfriend going on...but that's okay too.

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