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Is port scanning illegal?

Just wondering if it is.. I mean.. it's technically not damaging anything and you don't have any unauthorized access to anything right? But I'm reading a book on network security and there was a story where some dude's ISP suspended his account because he was port scanning networks. Any input on this would be great. thanks!

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    Port scanning is a bit like walking around someones house taking photos of it while the occupants kids are playing in the back yard. Technically it's not illegal, but it's considered a very hostile and threatening thing to do. And yes, most ISPs will ban you if they find out you're using their network to do it..for one thing they won't want other ISPs banning their IP ranges in response to potential hacking threats.

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    It may not be illegal, if you don't try and hack a system with open ports, but that is irrelevant. If it is against the TOS of a service provider than they can suspend the account. You agree to follow their rules when you use their service.

    Added: Mark I like your answer. Every time I get hit with pings and know I'm being scanned I feel just like what you described. LOL :-)

  • Anonymous
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    Lol.... So, if an intruder is trying to get in your computer, you want to do the same thing? What you are trying to do is intruding in someone else's computer! Don't worry. I feel the same way too if someone is trying to get into my system. But, I am not an intruder. I won't enter into people's homes without their permission. Also, I won't let people into my home without my permission. So, the best defence is a good remedy. Install a good firewall. It will block the intruding traffic through the ports, but won't block the ports you are using. So, you don't have to block ALL the ports. Hope this helps!

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    Its deffinitly grey, its only illegal if your interupting someone's service with it, ie: if your slowing down their connection.

    The scanning itself isn't illegal, but your isp may have some rule about not doing it.

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    depends on your isp. make sure you check with your isp since some have posted that if they detect you doing so they will do something like cut off your internet.

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    Yes, pretty sure...

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