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Study Abroad Exchange Student?

I'm graduating high school this year. (A year early.) I want to do a study abroad or student exchange program either this summer or fall semester. I have a few questions though. 1. Can I do either of those, since I'm graduating early would I still be availale for high school exchange program, and if not then am I able to do a study abroad one even though I am not 18. 2. What programs are out there?

I live in Colorado, USA going to be 17 in a week, and 17 when I do either the summer or the fall program. I want to go to either France or Italy.

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    Heii! Im 16 years old, and Im an exchange student from Switzerland. Since this August Im a Senior in California. Im traveling with the exchange organization AFS. AFS provides several trips to different places in the country during this year, and we have regular meetings to meet other people from the whole world. I really love it, and you should absolutly do it. AFS is for students between 15-18, so the age should not be a problem. With AFS you can go 1 year (like i'm doing it), 6 month, or 3 month. You can still do it, even if you already graduated. You just have to know, that you will be a Senior in High School again. Im also here a Senior, but when I go back, I have to repeat this year, so it mostly doesn't count anyway. So I can just say do it. I really love it, and I meet a lot of new people and got a deep insight in a new culture.

    Go to the website below and check it out. I really recommend AFS, but there are 1000 other organizations. Have fun!!

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    Probably not going to happen. 7th/ 8th that about year 8 or 9 in the UK. Most programs are aimed at older teens perhaps 16 and over. You should probably wait a few years. In Uni there will probably be a few exchange programs or you could just do a year abroad.

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    CET has some good study abroad programs to different countries for students that have just graduated high school.

    Source(s): Former CET study abroad participant.
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    there are a lot of information on summer study abroad program which i just came across:

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