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g money asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 1 decade ago

confederate flag?

does any one else think that whoever flies the confederate flag is a racist, or ant american. I just thought of this during the time of martin luther king jr. day. im learning about the KKK in history class and how the black people were treated

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Your question raises several issues:

    The so-called "southern cross" was never the flag of the Confederacy. It was the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia (Lee's army). The Confederacy had three official flags (four if you count the unofficial Bonnie Blue Flag). The longest used, and most well-known, is the "Stars-And-Bars", though the two official flags following it both had the "southern cross" in their upper left corner.

    We're all racists in one way or another. We all make judgements about people based on the way they look. We're tribal by nature, we still carry the strong genetic urges that kept us alive during the Stone Age. Did you know that for 98% of the time man has existed we were living in the Stone Age?

    Racism is about what you do, it's about how you treat people. I see nothing wrong with flying a symbol from your past as a way of signifying your heritage. I see everything wrong with living by the code that the symbol represents. Do you see the difference?

    The KKK is something entirely different. I don't see how it is possible to be a member of the KKK for "sentimental" reasons. The KKK is an organisation based solely on hate so membership of it is, by definition, racist (in my view).

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Well...Mr. G money was it......first of all I do live in the soutern United States as have generations of my ancestors before me and may I say I find your question to be ill thought out or researched. If you read some of the answers above you may glean an insight into the history of said "confederate flag".

    Secondly, N.C. had more citizens serve in the CSA armies than any other state and more die as well. The majority of these people weren't slave owners or plantation owners, just simple Americans who valued states rights over a central goverment's infringement. They fought for their homes, families and way of life. It was well into the war before slavery was an issue. The South had plans for abolishing slavery at some point but could not economically do it during the war. If they had their allies in Europe would have sent further support and our nation would be divided today.

    I am proud to come from a line of Americans who would stand up and fight for their convections. My family has also sent our brothers and sisters into Europe in WW1 and 2, Korea, Vietnam and sadly into yet another war in Iraq. The flag stands for the memories of coarougus men and women who died for their beliefs, it stands for our southern traditions and way of life and it stands for a continuation of freedom for both white and black citizens here in the south. And quite frankly sir if you don't agree or understand that is your right and privilige but when you think we are all ignorant racists here I fell sorry for you and to be honest don't give a rat's behind if it somehow offends your inflated ego of superiority. With all due respect this is merely my personal opinion.

  • Tracy
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    No I really don't, people have made the flag into a racial issue but when it was designed it represented the Confederate states. The Confederate states was in the process of releasing their slaves prior to the civil war. The civil war was fault over economics more then it was slavery. People can turn anything into a racial issue whether it's a flag the way you wear your clothes etc...........

    I wanted to add this poem:

    I am the Confederate Flag of America.

    I was born in 1861. I represented many Americans of which were many colors, contrary to modern day beliefs. I am hated by people who don’t know me or what I stood for. I was not designed as a hate object, though many people look at me this way today. I was not born to represent white sheets and shaved heads.

    I was designed to support state rights and soldiers who wore grey. So don’t hate me because of what certain groups have used me for. Just remember at some point in time I represented each and every one of you, because I was an American symbol, and represented you, no matter what race you are.

    I am the Confederate Flag of America.

    Source(s): The History Channel
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Civil war had nothing to do with getting rid of slavery, it was about not allowing the expansion of slavery into territories owned by the United States.

    Look it up some time, there were actually five slave states that fought on the side of the Union.

    It was actually a year and a half after the war had started that Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation made ending slavery in the South a war goal.

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  • ryan s
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    i own three confederate flags in my home. and i don't see it as racist at all!!! i don't ware a sheet on my head if that's what your thinking also. and being half German i loath the skin heads. i also think slavery was the worst evil man has ever committed. and i also love my country as well.

    but your question in it's self is a biased question in it's self

    go look at the KKK headquarters witch is based not down south but in Ohio i might add. and u will find that they do not fly a confederate but a American flag. so should the american flag be a racist flag as well?

    now before you come back and say well they were all fighting for slavery and that what that flag stands for. i ask u this how was the fact that slave owners didn't have to fight in that war but the poor man that could never afford to own a slave did? so if the man fighting couldn't ever own a slave why would he fight for it?

  • 1 decade ago

    Confederate flag? Most people, especially those who believe that they fly it, don't know what it is.

    The commonly seen banner is usually said to the the "Stars and Bars" and the official flag of the Confederate States of America.

    In fact, the "Stars and Bars" is rarely seen today. It was, indeed, the CSA's flag, but it underwent changes during the course of the CSA's existence (1861-65), and it was never identical with the "rebel flag" seen on the windows of pickup trucks.

    That one (ironically displayed more in the North than the South these days) is the "Southern Cross," which was actually the Confederate battle ensign. Since it was a battle flag, it would seem to me that its use celebrates the making of war against the United States - and that is one of the Constitutional definitions of treason.

    The display of the "Southern Cross" is often said by its apologists to be not a symbol of racism and slavery, but rather of "heritage." One might ask "Heritage of what? A heritage of racism, slavery, and rebellion?"

    The "Southern Cross" today is usually shown as a symbol of defiance against authority - with an ugly underpinning of racism - and that's about it. Those who display are almost universally ignorant of what it is and what it means.

  • 1 decade ago

    it is too complex an issue to over-generalize

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