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Keeping ACFs?

I have a 20 gallon aquarium that I am planning on keeping 2-3 ACFs(African Clawed Frogs) in, depending on if they're male or female. I know about their basic care, but I was wondering what others would suggest keeping them with(some type of fish?). Also, what kind of filter should I use, and what kind of plants/decorations/hidies should I use?

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    An Aquaclear 30 would be good for biological filtration, and with such messy animals, that's important. At their full size of about 6-8 inches, the frogs will eat pretty much any fish that you could reasonably fit in with it. Unless you go for something super active like a school of Danios (5-9), you might want to just skip fish all together... Any bushy plants along with some driftwood would be good. Giving the frogs a spot to rest in the midpoint of the tank will be best for your viewing and will ease their breathing (half the distance to the surface compared to the bottom). Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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    Try adding some small driftwood pieces and arrange in an order that looks like a tangle of roots. To this attach a few java ferns. Also add some java moss and several bunches of Anachris.

    For a filter I would recommend a Penquin 170 with the biowheel.

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