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What name do I sound like?

Sorry...this is kinda like a steal off another question, but I couldn't resist the fun ;).

- musically inclined (I'm a piano major in a conservatory, and i also play 3 other instruments, compose and sing)

- music nerd (LOL!)

- likes the stage (is why I'm a performance major)

- quiet

- not a social butterfly

- sweet (a lot of my friends describe me like that when I ask them)

- smiley

- do relatively well in school

- very giving (people like to exploit me because of that, not that I mind though)

- sensitive (over-sensitive at times)

- emotional

- religious (but not overly so)

- affectionate

- sympathetic

- caring

- likes freedom

- optimistic

- will really fight for what I want

- girly

- shopaholic

- loves trying new stuff (EXcluding illegal drugs)

- loves baking but not cooking

You don't have to include all the characteristics (that's pretty darn impossible) but pick something which describes me most :)


I'm 18 this the way.

Update 2:

and I'm quite shy around new people :p

Update 3:

Lol i'm trying to give myself a name that'd be more easily pronounced when I go overseas for studies (I'm Chinese so I don't have an 'english' name). But I also don't want it to be overly 'Chinese-sy' or 'asian-ey' at the same time.

Update 4:

Yup my name's Yinghan. I spell it separate though - Ying Han. The most common mispronunciation I get from non-Chinese is Ying HEN (yes the animal)...I can see why it's so, but it isn't funny after a while :S.

Update 5:

We won't need to have english names if we're studying locally, but once we go to 'western' countries and most of our professors are westerners, it only gives them (and us) a headache to say our names properly. Anyway, my name means 'clever/smart/bright' and 'cultivated (as in, with proper manners, educated and don't get angry easily)'.

Update 6:

JoniCari...yes! that's my Chinese name :D

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    what about Yvette? Yvonne?

    Hannah? Harriet? I like Harriet personally, it is very classic

    Clara, Claire for the meaning clever

    by the way, is your Chinese name "颖涵"?

    as I'm a Cantonese, friends with 颖(we pronounce wing) usually have names like Winnie, Wing, Irene, or something with a "rin" sound

    so, maybe you can choose Catherine, Carina, Winnifred

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    You sound like a Stephanie, Katie, Laura, Marissa, Sarah or Hannah.

    Sorry the list has a lot of names but as I kept reading through your list new names popped into my head.

    But is your name Yinghan??

    EDIT: Oh ok so your YING HAN. Cool. :)

    Now that I know that for some reason the name Julie comes into mind. So I guess Julie is another one of my choices for you.

    You seem really nice though and I'm sure you'd be a great girl to hang with. :D

    Thanks for the 2 points also!

    Roxy Angel


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    I don't see why all the Chinese people should have an English name. I just find this so puzzling.

    Chinese names sound nice. I do not think you need to westernise your name.

    What does Ying Han mean in Mandarin? That might help in choosing something.

    PS okay, here is my effort : MELODY

    That is the most musical name I know. I think it would suit you.

    CLARINE :means brilliant or smart.

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    I thought Serafina before I got to the end but Sarah would probably suit your purpose better. It's pretty, feminine and sweet yet reminds me of Sarah Bernhardt the stage actress so artsy as well.

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    Shyla Georgina

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    hmm first thing that popped into my mind int he first 3 lines was Mary but then ir ead on and got Emma, read on some more then i got Sarah and then went back to Emma. so i think you could be like and Emma. all those names are like "smooth" names /// sweet names. lol. but hte emma name represents the strong side i think of u and the name itself

    well i hope this helps~

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    You sound like a Crystal, Katie, or Sasha for some reason to me lol. When I read the list tthese names popped in my head!

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    Sarah, Elizabeth, or Katherine

    Definitely something "old-fashioned" and classy, I think.

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