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Anyone else seriously seriously believe in love in high school? seriously now.?

So I'm in high school, but I'm only a freshman.

I have a boyfriend

I know I am way more mature then most of the other people

their relationships only last a week at the most

mines been over 3 months and want it to last forever

i know they don't know what love is, because they just keep getting new boyfriends and girlfriends and don't care.

I do. It drives me nuts when a girl has a boyfriend but they like another guy too....

Do they know what they are saying??

Am I the only one who knows what love really means?

The only freshman who is not like the others at my school?


The other girls act like they know my bf

They say he's boring and talks in one monotone of a voice

They say he is snobbish

but then they say he is too quiet

They don't know him like I do

he is not a snob, he is not boring.

I am sick of them judging him and me and telling me about him like they know him better!

i know i should ignore them

if your in high school, are you seriously in love?


You know what i suck

i wasnt gonna put im a freshman

people compare me to the rest of them

I do not be liking being a freshman

i feel more older then all of them

of will still compare me to them because you don't know them.

You: Little freshy thinks shes in love but shes not she is too young

Me: I hate being a freshman

Whatever say what you want i probably haven't changed your mindset

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    I honestly believe age is just a number when it comes to love. My husband and I met in High School when I was 15. We've been on and off through the years (but mostly on) but like they say if you set something free and it comes back to you it was meant to be! As far as other peoples opinions...everyones got one...go with your heart.

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    Of course you can be!! But it's a lot harder and very rare. When you are a young adult/teenager, no matter how mature you are, you still haven't had as much experience as those older then you.

    And the biggest reason why it's difficult to keep a relationship in high school is that it's the time in your life when you are constantly changing (I'm not talking physically) and you are discovering your identity and deciding what you want for the rest of your life. It can be hard then to have a relationship because for one year you may think you both want the same future but then you grow up a bit more and things change and your personalities no longer mesh.

    I'm not saying this just to make you happy. I really do believe that you can be in love when you're a teenager, but 3 months isn't really that long. I don't want you to get hurt.

    Just remember to have fun and to not try and grow up too fast! Remember too, don't let a boy distract you from things like school and your friends. And who knows, maybe you and your boyfriend are the real deal...

    Edit: I'm not an American so I didn't really know what a freshman was until I read other comments. Like I said. Just have fun with your relationship. Gosh, America is so different to Australia. Here, you start high school when you're twelve.

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    No darling, I'm not in high school but I do believe that at such a young age,you can know what love truly means. Some will tell you differently but I believe in matters of the's something about that darn ole heart that will tell you when something is real and something is just childish. You should know how you feel and I would not let anyone or anything change my mind. It is a possibility that you have found your soul mate. As time passes, you and he can only grow closer together. I am happy for you, as a matter a fact, I was you one time and I married him and stayed married for 28 years..Stick with you man, it don't matter what other people think, all that matters is what you think. . .

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    I'm not in high school. But I thought you might like to know that one of my highschool friends started seeing a guy when she was 15. Almost 15 years later they are still together and always have been - they have 2 kids, married and are a great couple!! So it CAN happen....rare because you're still growing, developing and learning about who you are...but there is proof that is can happen!

    You should also be a little easier on you friends. I felt the same way you did when I found someone great. But remember you're lucky you've found somebody that makes you so happy....and you're friends will eventually. In the mean time, there's nothing wrong with them having their fun. It's part of growing up. =)

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    No, absolutely not.

    Although I do believe there is a slim possibility that you can find the one you will fall in love with in high school, I do not believe you'll be in love at high school.

    I'm currently at 17 year old senior, and I've been dating this girl for around 15-16 months now. I like her a lot, and we click well, but I don't love her. I probably will later on in life (after college, since we aren't going to the same one.)

    I believe "I love you" is thrown around way too much. I think those three words should be used on parent and sibling, a very close friend, or when you intend to merry the person you tell them too. High school is way too young to be saying that in, because college will break and twist somebody completely. You won't find out who you really are until you either have a degree or a job.

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    Ithink thst you arwe half right nad half qwrong. i think that oyu can't always be in lovei n highschool and that time comes seldom and far in between. Yo uamy liek a person, have great chemistry, nad hey may be uctr, but that doesn't mean you love them. Also, most peopel don't remembber that one can fall in and out of love. In early stages you tend to go googoo eyed, but when you find one thing wrong, you move on. i don't think this s really a bad thing becuase you are soo young nad hve a lot of time for choices. I mean, you're trying to get experiane so byour'e bnot clueless. Also, you may be in lvoe now, adn good for you if ou two end up marired and die happily in old age, but the truth is that things happen to break up a relationship, college, another person, far as maturity, ii trhink most mature kids don't have relationships in high key word is most. you may be mature but those girl/guys are usually preoccupied in school or such so they have a basis for their futures, ont that thwey aren't tinking aobut relatioships, but they aren't starting them yet. Peopel comei n all sorts of ways, but don't be to quick to judge becuase freshhmen is acatulyl very young. you are immuature, that's while legal adulthood is at 18 and not 14. you're still a kid in the end of the day, if you liek it or not.

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    Im a freshman too but the last boyfriend I had was in eight grade..he was one of my best friends so it lasted pretty long.

    I'd thought I'd wait a couple..a terrible grade in science and I cant handle a guy right now.

    But yeah love isn't "Omg I have a bf..finally!" or.."YES! I got a date to the prom!"

    or anything like bragging to the world that you have a boyfriend, because thats fake love.

    I really dont like how a lot of people just get a bf or gf and breakup with them in a day..that was how it was in middle school..

    If it was really annoying me that much I'd tell my friends, "Hey I know you guys dont see much in him but I just have to get to know him and you'll like just leave him alone.."

    I think that when we're older we hold on more and dont judge them by simple things..we dont always fall for them JUST because their on the football team or is the hottest person. And at that time our friends just let us choose, they respect who we date...sure they might dislike our guy a little in some ways but so what? Are our friends dating our guys? No, we are so thats all that matters. We open up more and sorta give know, compromise.

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    I feel that once you reach maturity in your own way, anything is possible. I fell in love with a girl this year. Is it like you can't stop calling them? Or they won't stop calling you? And you feel like you could say the most hurtful words to him but you would both still be completely in love?

    I don't think there is a certain age where it is okay to fall in love. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one out of my guy friends who has felt it. It's just something I feel I have an advantage over them with. And I'm in 11th. So..yes. I do believe in love at high school ages. But not the "love" that little teenage girls go around saying to everyone of their new boyfriends. I wish they would grow up.

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    Yeah ive noticed that as well it's been about 5 years now, the popular boys are no more popular, right now they are extremely unpopular, they don't know what to do in life. One of them took an overdose of something and became extremely paranoid, now although he was a bully and very popular, i feel sorry for him and wish i could help him.

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    i know exactly what your going through because im a junior and i didnt get a boyfriend until sometime last year and were still going out and i plan on being with him for a very long time i think it depends on how mature you are...are you younger than your peers if so you mayb had to mature faster and so you have the mind set of someone older...

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