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Attorney fees in the state of New Mexico, wanting to terminate parental rights?

I know how this sounds; horrible. Honestly, I am a good person and I would not take my son's father away if it wasn't in his best interest. My son's father is in prison for numerous charges and I just don't want his influence around my son. He did not want him when I was pregnant and now he makes it seem like he is going to get out of prison and be his "daddy". Call it mother's intuition but I know he is trying to get out early and playing a part. I am a full time college student and cannot afford an attorney, but I am hoping that I could find free service of some sort here in New Mexico. If not, how much should I be expecting to pay? How does terminating parental rights work, or what does the judge look for and consider? I will not jump into this, I am considering all options and just looking for information. Thank you all.

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    Do a search on the internet for legal aid in new mexico. New York state has it, new mexico should too. they help out low income families with legal issues with little or no cost.

    hope that helps.

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