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Does anyone know what to do to get past Chapter 2 Hope Springs Eternal in The Sims Pet Stories?

I did everything...I got Sam really intelligent and obdient and got Alice a job and everything! I still have the Waiting Goal.

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    It is quite possibly a bug. I had something similar in Life Stories with Vincent's Story where the goal was "Change into Formal", and no matter how many times I changed his clothes to formal, the goal would never get completed. I eventually reset his neighbourhood by copying the N002 from the Programs\Electronic Arts\The Sims Pet Stories, and put it in My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims Pet Stories\Neighborhoods.

    Was there anything you needed to do to receive the next goal? Because I know on Stephen's Story there's a part where you have to have 7 skill points in Cooking in order to receive the next goal, without there actually being a proper goal to get 7 Cooking skill points.

    I made a guide a couple of weeks ago for Alice's Story/Best in Show, and put it on my Sims fansite. It might help. I've put the link in my source box.

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