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What does it mean to have a planet or asteroid in conjunction to the natal north node in astrology?

I have Ceres and Eros very closely conjunct my north node in pisces in the fourth house. Does anyone know what this could mean? What does a planet conjunct the north node mean in general?


Oh yeah, if you don't know astrology, plz don't be an idiot like this 1st guy and sound foolish.


Update 2:

Yeah, pisces is IN the fifth house, but not till 25 or 26 pisces, and the north node is at 20 degrees pisces. This makes it still in the fourth house.

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    Go to this site & find your ceres.

    It has info if it conjuncts with any houses or planets

    This site explains that your north node is something you lack & is a karmic relation to your life now. (this site creeped me out in a informative way & a good way :) ->

    North Node in Pisces: means that you have to develop your imagination, intuition, and sympathy. Your South Node is in Virgo, showing a tendency to put too much emphasis on little details, so much so that you get bogged down. Virgo is the sign of lists. Put some free time on your schedule. Do nothing a few times a week. Just hang out and let your imagination drift. It’s good for your health. If you insist on “keeping busy”, do some volunteer work at a hospital, nursing home, orphanage, even a prison. Some place connected with restriction (Pisces rules places of restriction). Don’t forget animal shelters. Or do something creative. Perhaps a workshop in art or dance. Study Yoga, Tai Chi, or take up meditation. And don’t be so insistent on details when it comes to sex.

    Go to this site & scroll all the way titled North Node Pisces & it gives great examples that can relate to you->

    Go to this site & scroll all the way down to the colorful chart & the chart below it to find Pisces North Node. It tells you how your north node has a influence on the whole house chart->

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    Absolutly nothing

    It means nothing

    Only your knowledge about the place where are Ceres &

    Good night, my friend.

    John Doe

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    It means you are wasting your time, and are extremely gullible ,which beleive it or not is a word that doesn't appear in the dictionary.

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