How can you honestly say..?

I am amazed the number of people who openly mock God on here. Even before I accepted Christ, I never would think to provoke God. My question, When you mockers, speak provocation and insult to God, do you not honestly have the slightest bit of "what if" in the back of your mind.

Even if you want to argue that you don't believe in God, intellectually you have to admit you can't prove it. you may argue believers can't either. But you err on the side of destruction. If a believer is wrong, whats the worst that will happen in enternity - nothing. BUT if mockers are wrong whats the worst that will happen to you?

We are talking about an all powerful God that laid the foundation of Earth. You cannot stand up against him when the judgement comes.

Just curious of how you guys can say stuff and not have a little trembling deep down inside.


See, even when I ask this simple question. everyone wants to "show off" and make wise cracks or turn my question around on me. I'm just asking the people who mock (make fun of or say insulting comments) do you not FEEL any bit of fear in what you say.

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    Brother, don't let the Atheist get to you, they come on this site to try and tear God down, but, they can't They made the choice to go to hell, So leave them to their choice. The Bible tell us to chose today whom we will serve, They chose not too. Also the Bible tells us, Hell has enlarged itself. Just live your life for Jesus, and let them rant on, They have to pay the price, Keep the faith.this is their choice, not yours. God Bless. you will learn them by their names just skip by their answers , don't even read them ,that takes some of the fun from them. God will have the Final say.

  • mcq316
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    Err on the side of destruction, as opposed to erring on the side of caution. Why live your life devoted to a set of rules that might mean nothing. If you decide to break or bend some of those rules, then why follow any of them? The people that openly mock God are at least sticking to their guns and not living one way while saying 'what if' in the back of their mind. They have chosen thier path and are standing by it. 'What if' is just a way to hedge your bets, so to speak. Either you believe or you don't. They don't see it as provoking God because they don't believe God exists.

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    Well, I don't really believe in God, but you do have a point. I mean, there are some really ridiculous things in the bible I like to joke about, but to just openly say all of these really bad things about any god isn't right. People have their own beliefs but they shouldn't automatically put down what other people believe in. I do wonder sometimes, but I've decided to not let the bonds of religion keep me from living my life how I want to.

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    If you were talking about YHWH, I would agree. However, if you think J.C. is a god to be afraid of, then I must laugh at wood and stone. The New Testament was written by the enemies of the Hebrews, all that exists besides that, is some statues (wood & stone). You see, J.C. was a partial story at best. Serve YHWH with all your heart, and live! Shalom

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  • Anonymous
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    You can't prove it either. I'm on the sane side of the fence. Once I got over the indoctrination the trembling stopped. You said you would not have provoked god, so you believed in him and must have been indoctrinated at one time also.

  • Anonymous
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    "Even if you want to argue that you don't believe in God, intellectually you have to admit you can't prove it."

    Same goes for you to, right??? You might beleive, but you cant prove, do you ever wonder "what if Im wrong?" about your belief in God?

    Sounds to me like you fell for Pascal's Wager. Fear is not a good reason to accept God. If he is all knowing, dont you think he is gonna know you only believe because "what if?"

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You miss the YOU ask yourself before each action/decision "what if the Hindus are right?", or "what if the Zoroastrians are right?", or even "What if the Pastafarians are right?"...Be ye not a-feared of the midget?

    Dogmatic gods (including yours) are ALL imaginary...if you step back and think about it, you will see that this is self-evident.

    Assuming that you think you are Christian, are you aware that there are 1,500+ kinds of "Christianity" in America, and that around 30% of them have (as a basic tenet) that ALL the others are "wrong" and are "going to Hell"?

    You better be sure you belong to the right one!

  • H.u.S
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    Somehow I feel God (if he exists) has better things to do than worry about a few atheists on Y!A mocking him.


    Edit: Maybe I should turn this around on you

    Do you feel the slightest twinge of fear when you assume that your God is this real petty bastard who goes around smiting folks who mocks him? Do you have an answer for him, should he choose to ask you that?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I calm whatever trembling I have inside by drinking when people ask Pascal's Wager questions such as this one.


    We're making fun of you because this question, in one form or another, has been asked repeatedly. No, I don't feel the slightest bit of fear, because I don't have the slightest bit of belief that god exists. I'll admit it is possible, but I do not believe it at all. I admit there's a possibility of Bigfoot existing, but I'm also confident I could scour the woods of the Pacific northwest forever and never find it.

  • zero
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    You might be surprised, but we are just as mystified that you have "a little trembling deep down inside" at the thought of not believing. We are equally human, so what makes you so much more susceptible to fear than me? (I am assuming that this trembling you speak of is fear and not something dirty, I know you're gonna get a lot of responses about that. :)

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