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backpacking in Australia??

can anybody suggest the best route through australia for backpacking?

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    I live in Far North Queensland. (FNQ) I Willl agree with the first answer, don't come up here in the wet season. Cairns, Port Douglas and surrounds is OK, but the real FNQ basically shuts down due to rain. If you like the quick pace, lots of things to do and plenty of people around, stick to the southern states (New South Wales, Victoria). Everything is close. If you want a laid back, sunny time, close to water and hanging around with every other back packer from all over the world, you should do the Queensland coast from Brisbane to Cairns. If you want to really see Australia, got time to cruise and like to catch up with the real Aussies, go west. Queensland country is hot and dusty and you work up a real thirst for a cold beer...that's where you will probably find out the best places to see, do and stay. You can go country in South Queensland which wil take you through wine country, sheep country and grain country and will get cold in winter. If you start in Cairns and go west, its mangoes and cattle up this way. Summer is hot and winter is warm. Lots of small country towns with camping and caravan parks. Some seasonal work and cattle stations are always looking for and extra hand just after the wet season (around March-May). Whenever you come over and whatever you do, I hope you have a good time.

    Things to do in FNQ

    snorkel/dive great barrier reef

    Go to a wildlife park to see Australia native animals and birds. Breakfast with the birds in Port Douglas is good

    Get up to Cape Tribulation. they have a backpackers resort up there and it goes off.

    Cruise up to Mareeba and do a winery tour or a coffee tour.

    Take the skyrail to Kuranda markets and take the train back down the hill...something different

    Eat Mangoes or, if you are running a bit low on cash, pick mangoes (season is now)

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    That depends what time of year you go and where you start. Just remember to only try and be in the Tropics from April to September . the Dry season . as the wet season you can get flooded in and be in Cyclones and many things close down from Sept to April. It's to Hot and sticky in the wet as well except when the rains are on .So lets know what time of year you arrive and if you have a choice of States that you arrive into. If you can get down or up the Centre of Australia and you are in a car there are some real Australian sights to be seen but a lot of not much in Between But down the centre you can get some extreme weather depending when your there winter can get very cold and summer very hot as this is desert Country but you have through there Devils Marbles a very interesting Boulders area Alice Springs is your largest town but Its not big then of course off the beaten track there is Ayers Rock [ Uluru] Kings Canyon and down the Southern end Coober pedy where they find all the opal and many people live under ground and much more through that way. . You can be on the Gold Coast any time of year the beaches are always Great. but down melbourne canberra Sydney Summer is best or Spring and Autumn but not winter unless you want to go to the ski fields.It's lways a good route to take from sydney up the coast to Cairns and port Douglas then across to Darwin Try and get to the Kimberlies to Broome . another great out back adventure. I love the Nullabor kalgoorlie a gold mining town and southern Western australia aaround Esperance and then through the forestry area to Perth. you are spoilt for choice and which ever you want to work out to go you'll love it. Good luck

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    Heres my answer to this on another thread. It would be a long trip and at least 2-3 months! So if your staying shorter you will need to reduce and or just pick and choose some places and or not see them all!

    "I would personally start down Melbourne way - do the Great Ocean Road and work your way up past Sydney, Brisbane to Cairns.

    - Fly to Melbourne. Visit the wineries, Visit the city – very cosmopolitan - great cloth shopping! Maybe visit Ballarat and the historical sites there if that’s your thing. Do a week or two along The Great Ocean Road – it is gorgeous from pics Ive seen and what I have heard!

    (Maybe go west a tad and see Adelaide and what it has to offer - or not!)

    - Then go down to Tasmania – spend a week there. I have heard mixed reviews – some love it and say its gorgeous some say it’s over rated and costs too much.

    - Then to Canberra – see the Parliament house and other historic sites. Wouldn’t stay here long just enough to see the important stuff! Maybe visit Kosciuszko National Park just before coming to Canberra if you like National Parks etc.

    - Then to Sydney - Nightlife (not that I'm into that!), See Australian Icons such as the Opera House. Bondi Beach.

    - On the way up to Gold Coast/Brisbane there such lovely places to stop at and stay. Port Macquarie or Coffs Harbour for instance. Or even Tweed Heads is nice!

    - Gold Coast - The best beaches, National Parks on the hinterland (Lamington and Springbrook which has lovely waterfalls), the theme parks (they are fun even for adults!) See the Outback Spectacular. I personally love the Gold Coast. Stay here at least 2 weeks to just enjoy it!

    - Brisbane - Lone Pine - small but nice zoo - you will get to sit with the kangaroos as long as you want and it isn't crowded. As long as you go on a weekday. Just pop in from the Gold Coast - 30/40min drive from Gold Coast. And or if you want to stay in Brisbane for a while visit the markets on a weekend. Visit South Bank – a man made beach in the middle of the city. Visit Mt Cootha for look out views of Brisbane.

    - Then further north to the Sunshine Coast - some more lovely places – such as Maleny, Maroochydore or Noosa. You can visit Australia Zoo, Underwater World but most of all the lovely beaches.

    - Then Hervy Bay which is gorgeous – and Fraser Island is a must. Stay as long as possible here. Do do a tour if you can so you don’t just stay on the beaches and dirt tracks but see the amazing sites – make sure you see the gorgeous blue lake. Whale watching is available some months. Do a canoe ride along the shore and see dolphins. See the dingos. Beautiful blue crystal lakes. Gorgeous.

    - I would then consider flying from the Sunshine Coast/Fraser to Cairns – up to you though – depends what you like, if you like the more layed back towns and places go for it! Some of the places between Sunshine Coast and Cairns are nice! I’ve heard Townsville is nice. You could possibly get a bus or train ride there. Save you time.

    - Cairns - great nightlife in some areas, beautiful beaches, Great Barrier Reef and or the Whitsunday’s. Spend at least 2 weeks here or more!

    I probably then wouldn’t go much further than Cairns honestly. Just be careful and safe if you do! Much more secluded than the rest of Australia. Maybe just take a trip out to Daintree National Park if thats your thing.

    If you have more than enough time to at one of the major cities (probably Sydney or Melbourne) to actually fly out to Uluru and or do an Outback tour do do that. And maybe do a week or so in Perth. Then fly back to Melbourne or Sydney. There are some other gorgeous places in WA worth looking at to if you do fly over the other side for a week or two.

    I would also consider flying out from Cairns to Darwin when you have finished in Cairns. Visit Kakadu National Park. I would love to visit there one day! But that would add more expensive and time and if you have neither in excess I would give it a miss!

    My Suggestion - spend most your time on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Fraser/Hervy Bay and Cairns.

    Some other tips!

    Please don't think as some can that you can just go outback and see the wildlife! You will see kangaroos and that is about it - oh and possums at night! Unless you go to Cairns and do a boat trip you may get to see crocodiles if you go with someone who knows what they are doing - a tour kinda but they aren't real tours just guys showing you around! lol

    If you want to experience the outback you will have to book a tour or plan it -its not just as easy as going out there one day to have a look! Most Australians haven't been to the outback outback - maybe country areas yes but not outback.

    Also don't expect Australia to be like kangaroos jumping around when you get of the plane etc. Its just like in America - cities and suburbs and you have to go out to the forest to see the grizzly bears etc! Its just like America in many ways so don't be to disappointed as its still great and has lovely things to do and see - great beaches!

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