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MLB Mitchell Report, Who agrees?

Who agrees that George Mitchell deserves to be shot in the face for preforming such a pointless investigation. the only thing that he accomplished was forcing people like me to hear roger clemens voice more than i ever wanted to. Who agrees?

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    i dont see how it was pointless.

    there's a possibility that we wont have steroid record breakers anymore!

    i mean really, who wants another BARRY BONDS or ROGER CLEMONS?!

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    The Report is a con game to cover BudLite's a** because Congress revealed him as a fool during the last hearing circus.

    Mitchell earned his money from MLB, because he got federal agencies and District Attorneys to squeeze two witnesses. How come tax dollars and judicial officers time is spent on sports PR?

    As to McNamee, whenever did a drug investigation go in the wrong direction like this one? Rule is, have the dealer roll over on the supplier, and keep going up the feed chain. This time? Sell us a big name user, and we let you off. Pathetic!

    Clemens is a red herring. He's out of the game, and he made enough money to buy as many lawyers and as much PR has he wants.

    Until tough tests on random, recurring basis are SOP, it's a circle jerk so that no one really gets blamed, hurt, or embarrassed until it all blows over.

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    Far from a comprehensive report. Completely based on the suspect testimony of two born liars -- Kirk Radomski and Brian McNamee. You think Radomski had no equivalent in Boston or Chicago or St. Louis? Of course he did. Those guys just didn't fall into Mitchell's lap, and the good Senator (who by the way sits on the Red Sox Board of Directors) made no effort to seek them out. Can you say "conflict of interest?"

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    Mitchell did what he could inside of the parameters set up for him. If you want to blame someone for the investigation being pointless then look at Selig, the owners and the players union. They tied his hands from the get-go and offered no help along the way.

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    Don't blame Mitchell, he was retained by MLB to do the investigation. It was never intended to be an indictment of any of the players but rather a status on the use of drugs in the game.

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    It certainly should have been handled better. But the reports failure to make any real progress is due in part to the refusal of the players association to participate.

    In this mess, I don't see how anyone can take sides, pawning the blame off on either the players or the owners. They share culpability and each organization needs to be taken to task for their hand in this.

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    I think that the focus should have been less on players names and more on the findings of the extent of the PED culture within the game and how to fix that, point blame at the groups (ie Owners, Players, Managers, GM, Commissioner, Union head) and come up with solutions to fix the current problem, everyone isnow focused on WHO did it rather than what they should which, HOW was it done and HOW do we alleviate this in the future.

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    I agree that he should have had more substantive evidence before throwing names out there.

    I also think that MLB is to blame for this, and Bud Selig and Don Fehr should be shot in the face for turning a blind eye to steroids for so many years.

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    I totally agree.I remember when it came out,i was like YAY!NOW WE GET TO SEE WHO'S ON STEROIDS!!! but now it's like,what's the point? i mean i personally think they should have just focus on EDUCATING the players instead of naming names.

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    I almost agree, if I can. He actually didn't do this on his own. He was paid by the MLB to do it, cause they don't have enough time.

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