can i get a ticket for running a red light but not be pulled over?

i just knowingly ran a red light, and was followed by a cop. as i dropped off my friend he was still behind me and said that he knew that i ran the red light. so he was probably checking my plates for any violations or anything. but just wondering if i going to get a ticket in the mail, or not cause they didn't give me the ticket there.

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    Easy. Since I don't know where you live, the red light camera could be a possibility, but most counties are required to post a large conspicuous sign that warns drivers that the intersection has a red light camera, if it was at night you would of definatley noticed a distinctive flash as you drove through it, as they need to be able to id you as the driver for the ticket to hold up in court.

    What seems much more likely is the cop either saw you or more likely saw from you speed and position to the intersection that you just ran the light, if he saw you he did you a solid cause thats a real easy summons that hes not gonna feel the least bit guilty about writing. He was definately following you for a few reasons, in is mind there was a good chance that you were drunk and wanted to see if he could observe any behavior in your driving that would confirm his suspicion. Since you obviously were on his sh*t list for running the light, he was definately running your tags to make sure the car is clean and also probably looking for an excuse to pull you over and cite you for something, (busted license plate light) dark tints, loud exhaust whatever anything. Or another definate possibility is that he pulled out at first cause he was gonna light you up and then thought about it and decided to let you slide probably because u were now doing about 2 under the limit in the right lane.. in other words maybe he just thought you somehow just missed light by accident and then decided to let you slide.

    Either way, no there is no way that you can or have to worry about getting a ticket from the cop. Its not possible. If you drive by the intersection often next time check to see if there is a big white box mounted on one of the vertical poles with a sign that says red light camera in effect. If thats the case ya your gonna have to pay the man a little early taxes this year.

    Either way dude don't run lights its a great way to get dead and get other people dead. Im an EMT and after some of the kinda **** i've seen cause someone does something stupid on the road, even with a lightbar on my car I still sit through the same 5 minutes red light on the deserted road at 3 in the morning.

    But as far as the ticket no your fine. don't worry

    ETA: to the people that are telling you yes they are simply wrong. There are literally dozens upon dozens of rulings all over the country of different counties trying all sorts of ways to cite people for just about anything without having to pull them over. Yes high speed chases are a huge problem and one of the first thing that gets pounded into your head as soon as your enter the academy is there is absolutely nothing routine about a routine traffic stop, its is almost always the single most dangerous situation of your average suburban cops entire shift. Believe me if they could do it they would. But they can't. Back in the day, the southern states would nail people for speeding while overflying the roadways (which they often still do) and then just have a radio car pull up and take down a plate and thats it. They all got thrown out the second they hit a courtroom. They a few years later when the Jersey Tpke opened you would get a toll ticket when you got on and then you'd pay a certain amout when you got off, and for a while they state would compare the times on the ticket and send out thousands of speeding tickets to anyone that reached the exit faster then was possible by doing the speed limit. Those actually got all the way up to an appeals court I believe before they got tossed along with every ticket they had written in the same way up to that point. Even these red light cameras, if you ever read the laws about there use, they are only allowed to be put up in very specific intersections that fail certain safety guidlines, whether it was a certian amount of MVA's at that street in a year, or a 50 or 55 limit leading up to the light, or there have been a lot of car vs pedestrian fatalities in the area, even then they have to warn you for a certain amount of time that the camera is going up, then when they install it they cannot legally change the time that the light stays yellow to try to pull in a few more bucks which some counties were trying to do in the begining, also there insanely easy to have thrown out if your willing ot take the time to show up for court. The majority of tickets are just pled guilty and mailed in with a fine which is just the way the county or city likes it. If you ever actually show up for a traffic ticket youll be shocked how thrilled they are to get you to plead it down to some literally anythign liek a 10 broken taillight ticket, anythign to not have to waste the time and money to stand in front of a judge and fight the ticket. and if they even see you walk in with a lawyer for a routine traffic violation forget it they wont even waste their time, there better off just citing everyone and hoping theyll just check off the guilty box and pay their tax like a good citizen.

    Think about it for half a second, lets say you get a ticket in the mail from this cop, you go to court. first words out of your mouth, officer can you please identify who the driver of the vehicle was during the time you witnessed the violation, a description would be fine, drivers license number, name, adress, anything. clank clank, case dismissed with the courts apologies, give me a break guys.

    Think about how the public would see it, cops to lazy to do traffic stops, the second a felon or some guy with a warrant gets one of those tickets, and then goes on to commit another crime, they wont even bother asking for the cheifs head on a platter, they will just start getting everyone fired. not gonna happen

    Source(s): I hurt someones feelings once and have a lot of friends that get to do it for a living
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    Probably not. He was probably looking at your driving behavior to see if you were drunk and checking for warrants. At least that is how it works in America. If he wanted to give you a ticket, he would have done it by pulling you over. If the commie Big Brother cameras got you, that is another story.

    To the person above who said cops will run around and issue tickets without pulling you over by taking pictures of your license plate, that is insane. If someone runs when getting pulled over, that is part of the point. They have something to hide. If the cops decide NOT TO ENGAGE in a high-speed chase, they can pick the person up later by issuing a warrant. All of those morons stay near their home anyway.

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    Does your city have red light cameras? Is there one at the intersection you ran? If you answered yes to these questions, you WILL get a ticket in the mail.

    If your city doesn't, then you won't see anything in the mail. As the cop should've given you something on the spot. I was once speeding (I admit) on the highway at 2 am, however, whenever I pass a car, I slow down to almost their speed, as I am not totally crazy...just trying to get home fast. Anyways, when I slowed down to pass this guy, I noticed it was a cop car, and he knew I was speeding, lol. So I refused to pass him, he eventually slowed down pulled over the shoulder and followed me for a good 10 kilometers, then I decided this was too much. So I stopped at a highway McDonalds; went to the drivethru. I figured if he wanted me that bad, he can wait while I have a sandwich....he gave me a dirty look when he turned around and was off, lol.

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    Yes you can.

    Police these days sometimes decide to write down plates rather than risk a potentially deadly high speed chase/encounter.

    You may also recieve a ticket without police intervention through the use of new license scanning camera's which are coming into fashion.

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    If he didnt pull you over and give you a ticket then you are most likely clear, unless wherever you live they have the red light cameras then you could get one in the mail.

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    I'm not 100% on this ...

    but if he didn't give you a ticket...

    there's prob. a reason.

    You shouldn't be getting anything in the mail...

    Looks like it was your lucky day!

    Stop running red lights by the way.


    PS: Baron D's response seems to be a lot more confident... now I'm really not sure :(

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    absolutely! I was driving a hire car through London and didn't realise that I'd entered the congestion charge zone near Hammersmith. The ticket (with photographic proof from a camera) caught up with me a few weeks later. There was a recent report that there are several MILLION surveillance cameras in the capital of the UK alone with God knows how many throughout the entire nation. Don't think you can get away with anything, anywhere, anymore except possibly in your own home and I wouldn't be positive about that!. I heard that there are about 27? different categories of public official that can legally demand access to your home if they want to.

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    I would think he was giving you a warning without having to actually use the words. I believe that they are not officially allowed to warn people. If he had an on board camera you should look forward to a ticket in the post. Sorry...

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    I doubt it. He could give you a ticket in the mail but if he was there and diddnt pull you over then your safe.

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