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Mike asked in 娛樂及音樂音樂古典樂 · 1 decade ago

HELP MUSIC PROJECT!!!!!!!!!!!! 20PT!!!!!!!!!


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Jazz and blues are American inventions. But most Americans were happy to get their classical music from Europe. After all, classical music is the name for European music from the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

    Music can be the delicious food for our spiritual life. In a sense, music to life is just like salt to food. Salt can make our food delicious and music can make our lives rich and colorful. But it’s all known that different people prefer different tastes: salty, spicy, fresh, aromatic or pungent. Similarly, music is usually divided into classical and popular ones. Some people enjoy classical music, while others are fascinated by pop music. It’s a liberal world today. Personally speaking, I prefer classical music for the following reasons.

    First of all, classical music outweighs its popular counterpart in that it molds one’s character, temperament and disposition. In the history of classical music, there are almost uncountable famous classical musicians such as Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Brahms and Vivaldi. Their classical music has benefited uncountable people all over the world.

    Secondly, classical music, like classical dances or classical poetry, is much more elegant and graceful than pop music. Generally speaking, classical works always have more content and meaning. At the same time, many pop songs are commercialized and shallow in this highly commercialized society.

    Last but not least, classical music frequently transcends the limitation of time and space. The classical works of those famous musicians have been and will always be masterpieces all the time. Even today Mozart and the above-mentioned musicians are still remembered and respected for their classical music by most people in different countries throughout the world, although Mozart himself was nothing but a mortal person.

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