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題目:How to make a good speech?


內容:Speech Delivery, Speech organization , Listening , Self evaluation


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    How to make a good speech?

    In order to make a speech, there are a several thing to take care of. Speech Delivery, speech organization,listening , self evaluation , and the most important thing, the source of the speech.

    Every speech comes from an essay, you have to write it well before you can turn it to a speech. But how can you write it? that's the main point of making a good speech. Speech delivery is important that you have to make sure that the listener, judges can get what you want to express. As important as the essay you plan for. Having a well organized essay done isn't a eazy thing to do. But everything has a secret of success, if you know the secret of it then you are well to go. Let me tell you the secret, if you want an fantastic essay to be done, which everyone knows its not possible to be done by oneself you can do what I did. Just go online and ask for people's help. Just like what I did. I know this is not so well done because as you all know, I didn't have to much time to find the right one to have it done for me. But for an essay that people gave, it's good enough.

    As long as you got the essay done. You can start organize it in your head. You got to rewrite it in your own style so that you can remember every single word. To be able to have to speech done fluently, you got to read it a few times before you rewrite it. If the essay is just something copied from the internet, just like this one, it is not going to be so well. The true secret of making a good speech is to pay really much attention. But not on writing the speech, but on finding a suitable speech online.

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    It is your responsibility to finish the assignment; in addition, knowledge plus

    is a discussion column for everyone, not for your personal homework. You

    should write the essay by yourself. (Three hundred words is easy. If you need

    to discuss some questions, that will be better.)

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    sorry, Three-hundred-word essay.

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