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小芳 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


Myelination in the central nervous system requires an accurate interplay between oligodendrocyte precursor cells (OPC) and axons. By as

yet not fully understood mechanisms, OPC proliferate, migrate to the axon to be myelinated and finally differentiate into mature

oligodendrocytes. The recent finding that OPC express CXC chemokine receptors led us to the investigation of the expression and functional

importance of CC chemokine receptors. Using RT-PCR, we show that primary OPC from neonatal rats express CCR3, while CCR1, CCR2,

CCR4, CCR5, and CCR7 are not expressed. Immunofluorescence staining of OPC could further demonstrate protein expression of CCR3. A

rise of intracellular Ca2+ upon stimulation with the appropriate ligand CCL11 showed that this receptor is functional. Moreover, CCL11 led to

a concentration specific increase in proliferation, inhibition of migration, and augmentation of differentiation in primary OPC. Thus, CCR3

may influence the process of myelination. This is of general importance for both developmental tissue patterning and for repair processes in

demyelinating diseases like multiple sclerosis.

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    雖然其機轉目前仍未完全未明瞭 OPC會增殖然後進入軸突被髓鞘化 最後分化成為成熟的寡突膠原神經細胞

    最近因OPC以CXC驅化素受器表現的發現 讓我們開始研究CC驅化素受器的表現形式與功能上的重要性

    使用RT-PCR(反轉錄聚合酵素鏈鎖反應)我們展示新生鼠初始的寡突膠原神經先驅細胞是CCR3, 而CCR1, CCR2,CCR4, CCR5, 和 CCR7沒有被顯現出來


    以適當的配體CCL11來刺激 可以升高細胞內鈣離子 顯示這個受體是有功能的

    更進一步 CCL11的濃度會特別增加 做為初始寡突膠原神經先驅細胞的增殖 抑制移動及促進分化

    因此 CCR3可能會影響髓鞘化的過程


    Source(s): Neuroman
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    在中央的神經系統的 Myelination 需要 oligodendrocyte 先驅者細胞 (OPC)和 axons 之間的一個正確的互相作用。 被當做

    然而不完全了解機制, OPC 增殖,對 axon 移動成為 myelinated 而且最後區別進入成熟的之內

    oligodendrocytes。 OPC 快遞 CXC chemokine 受容器引導了我們走向表達的調查的最近的發現和功能的

    CC chemokine 受容器的重要性。 使用 RT-PCR,我們顯示來自新生兒的 ra 的那一提名候選人的預選會 OPC

    Source(s): 翻譯社
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