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急**中翻英 字數不要太長...<網路翻譯免>20點

跟你說 在妳回去之後 不知道什麼時候

那台車 從右前車門到又後車門被刮了長長的一道傷痕

一次就要烤兩面車門呢! 要賠人家~

哈哈! 19歲的魔咒真的很強呢!






因為是要傳簡訊 所以有特別要求字數簡短



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    Tel u sth oh..after u went bak..tat car had a huge scrach from the right front to the right rear door..n I don even know when tat happened!tat means paying two doors at once nei!!haha!the curse of 19 yr old is reli strong!!it is vry cold in TW at the moment~take care of urslf too oh^^~miss u heaps!!~



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    after you left, I just don't know what happen to me. the car has a long scratch from the right front door all the way to the back. so I have the car repaired with roast paint . I have to compensate the owner of this car for the damage. woo!what a curse for me, a 19 years old guy!it is pretty cold in Taiwan. please take care of yourself. *****

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    By the way, the translation is very nice.

  • 幫你翻譯吧~ 盡量口語化一點~

    I am telling ya... ever since you went back, I don't know when, but that car has another long scratch from the right front door all the way to the right back door, on the passenger's side so that I will need to fix two cars at the same time in order to compensate the other one.

    Haha... It is such a 19-year-old-curse!

    It is soooo cold in Taiwan, take care of yourself there, ok? ^^

    I miss you so so so much~~~

    大概是這樣吧~ 我翻的比較口語化, 不正式, 應該比較符合你要的, 給你參考嚕~ 有問題的話再問吧~

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