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同樣都是副詞 同樣解釋都是"最近"


那麼是否能出個sentence來解釋recently和lately呢? 謝謝

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  • Al
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    Copied from Internet:

    I find the difference in the duration of the events or circumstances they are referring to. I think recently denotes short duration , while lately refers to something that could be happening for long time. Also, recently can refer to something happened in a specific moment.

    I've been living in the countryside lately.

    I've met John recently.

    I've finished the book recently.

    Lately, I've been reading about New Zealand.


    以上是我在 Internet 找到的。Recently 是比較短,lately 是比較長。你最近剛與女朋友斷交,用 recently. 你最近一陣子不舒服, 用 lately:

    I have been feeling lousy lately.

    They just broke off recently.

    你可以自己到 查, just enter:

    difference between lately and recently.

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  • ricky
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    其次這兩個字是同意字,副詞 最近的意思

    recently 跟 lately的不同處在於

    recently 範圍固定,無法表現特別近的意思

    lately 可用最高級用法 latest 來表現離最近更近一點的距離(例如一兩天前的最近)

    但 latest可當做形容詞 、副詞跟名詞使用


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  • 1 decade ago


    也有一樣的副詞用法喔~ ^^

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