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Who is best and worst of the President in the Philippines?Why?






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    Best: MARCOS, outside the corruption (which every president do) He made Philippines visible to the world map, Philippines then was second to Japan when i comes to progress

    Worst: AQUINO, only those close to her really benefited on her occupancy...(e.g. Businessman, Big Players etc..)

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      Please, I would just like everyone to know that the reason Marcos regime is good is because HE WAS IN OFFICE FOR 20 F*CKING YEARS!
      On the beginning of his presidency, he wasn t very good and successful. If our presidents have that much time in office, i bet they would also do what Marcos has done.

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    Who is best and worst of the President in the Philippines?Why?






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    5 Worst Presidents

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    I can say he is not a bad President, I like he core believes. War is Hell, but sometimes needed, This one in needed. In my opinion, he is a better President the Bill Clinton, China is the threat is in today because of the Clinton's, He is a better President than his Dad, he didn't just drop the ball and run a month after the start of the War. But I can't say he is as good of a President as Reagan, Now that was a guy who didn't take no **** from anyone, Reagan is the reason that I became a Republican, a real Republican and not this fake Pansy's we have in Washington.

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    It's really sick to see how people actually considered Marcos as our best president, I mean there is a reason why he was kicked out of the country for all that he did (restrict freedom, kill people, instil fear into the hearts of many, and ruined our economy).

    I cannot believe people still believe the bullshit that he saved our economy, maybe it made it seem like he did fix it but after his reign the aftermath of all the debts came spiralling down. Up to this year, in 2015, we still suffer from the debt he has caused. Constant money borrowing was due to this. He is, by far, the worst president we have ever had.

    Discipline in this way is not the answer to a decreasing crime rate. He declared martial law due to the fear of assassination, not because he wanted the country to be a safer place. Theres a reason why people revolted against him and he was kicked out of the country. Plus don't tell me that the martial law bullshit was safe whatsoever, many people were killed on the side secretly and tortured by his goons.

    The biggest mistake this country has ever made is allowing him and his family to return to this place.

    PS: Whoever said that erap was our second best president, please please please and I beg please review why be was thrown out of the government. He gambled away billions of pesos, and has no experience whatsoever in politics (He was a movie star so....)

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    I feel he has made some decisions that could have utilized better judgement but I still stand behind him since he is my President. I don't believe there is anyone that can please all the Americans in this country. I'm not saying I agree with all he has done, I only wish Americans would stop bashing him publicly and support him a bit more. For all that are unhappy, we have a wonderful opportunity to make positive change in the upcoming elections. I hope that all who voice an opinion will get their behinds out there an VOTE!! I'm sure my opinion will get a "thumbs down" but that is how I feel. Sandy :O)

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    Best: Marcos

    +293The Philippine Strongman. In his time, our economy, though not anymore the 2nd richest country in Asia, was very progressive with the many infrastructural development in the Philippines.

    It was necessary for him to declare martial law to prevent the Philippines from being communist and to discipline the Filipinos.

    In 1986, the Philippines' downfall started. It became poor thanks to a housewife with no political experience being the Filipino president. Now, Benigno Aquino is the pres. Of the Philippines, wait for his incompetence!

    Marcos shall be recognized as the Philippines' greatest president.

    I know he's corrupt and dictatorial, but still he was the one who made effective reforms and boosted our economy. He also enforced discipline and yes, fear, in every heart of the Filipino. But that helped somehow.

    Worst: Arroyo

    Need I say more?

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    Best philippine president: Ferdinand Edralin Marcos

    Why?... Because he actually managed to scare off most of the corrupt people in government. My parents tell me that during the early years of his presidency, nationwide change finally seemed attainable after so many years of hopelesness and poverty. The Philippines needed ( and still needs) an iron fist to lead, given that the iron fist belongs to an honest man.

    Worst Philippine President: Ferdinand Edralin Marcos

    Why?... You all know the story of the brutal killings of opposition leaders, the made up reason to declare martial law... and yes, who could forget all those shoes!? OK, that was his wife. He was then what Pervez Musharraf is turning into now.. a man drunk with power and is willing to do whatever it takes to hold on to it.

    . Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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      actually mas maraming namatay sa term ni aquino.

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    Best President: Ferdinand E. Marcos

    Even though he has a dictator trend, he has the ability to discipline people in a good way. Why in good way? Because he declared Martial Law. And because of Martial Law, no crimes have commited so much that time. Corrupt government is also off during his precidency. How I wish Martial Law is back.

    Worst President: Joseph E. Estrada

    He didn't contribute so much. I mean if you'll just hear news about him, they always state that he has other women besides of Loi Ejercito, his wife. They also state that he's just using his money for himself. He even used the money of the Philippines. And if you'll study carefully all the terms of all the presidents of the Philippines, he has the shortest (1998-2001). Only 3 years out of 6 years of serving the country. Well it's not because he was assassinated or he had a disease but because he was put into jail because of plunder and forgery (although the jury has stated that he is not guilty in forgery last 2007).

    Note: If you ask me why not Arroyo the worst president, well it's because that she has contributed a little somehow. I mean look at the Philippine peso and U.S. dollar. The Philippine peso is getting stronger; from P57.00= $1.00 of 2001, it became P40.00= $1.00. A big change since she became president on 2001.

    That's all and boy, what a nice question. :)

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      I totally agree even if i did not born during his term but i did research about President marcos and his contributions! Thanks to your ideas.

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