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Why is china financing the wars Iraq and afghanistan?

We wont be able to pay them back, Im sure they know that.

Where is their gain?

Could it be that they will be controlling the US?

Why invest in a country where the economy is taking a big downturn?

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    They will own the US economically and the US cannot do anything legal about it except to use military force. Wal Mart used to claim "Made in the USA' only to find out their merchandise came from China. The following is information that the Democrats and Republicans have not tried to investigate about Wal Mart's labor practice.

    Please be patient in reading. It includes information for an investigation and research if you chose to pursue. It is all about the FBI and Wal-Mart along with their Chairman of the Board of Directors,Samuel Robson Walton who is the oldest son of Samuel Moore Walton who was affectionately known as "Mr. Sam."


    You do NOT have to agree or accept any or all and a US Constitutional Scholar was consulted

    Read and reach your own conclusions

    To IDENTIFY and prevent misinformation and propaganda to continue,an open investigation IS NEEDED to include current and former Wal-Mart and Sam's Club associates

    Dedicated Associates that quit Sam's Club 6625 and know how difficult is to work there; Joel Chavez(quit in 1997),Michael Villalpando(Sylmar High School Class of 1999 and quit in 2000),Marybel Gonzalez(San Fernando High School Class of 2000),John Contreras(quit May 17 2000), Eliseo Covarrubias(quit in 2000),former US Marine Corps Jose Jesus Carillo(Came from a Sam's Club in Orlando and quit in 2001),Veronica Pena(quit in 2003),Yvette Meza-Garcia(San Fernando High School Class of 2003 and quit in 2006),Oroaldo P Garcia(San Fernando High School Class of 2003 and quit in 2006), Myles Kalin(quit around 1998),

    Florencia Loatman(quit in 2003 and 1 week shy of 5 years), Rosa Ana Hollyfield(Sylmar High School Class of 1994 and quit in 2005),Mariela Alcaraz(quit in 2005),Inez Andalon(quit in 2006),Stephanie

    Reynolds(quit in 2003),Paul Kingsbury(quit in 2003),Jacqueline Gutierrez(quit in 2005),and many more.

    In danger of being forced out as they have been at Sam's Club in San Fernando California over 16 years:

    Since 1987:Mina Garcia(San Fernando High School Class of 1985)and Maria Yadon

    Since 1989: Gladys P Arteaga(San Fernando High School Class of 1989)and Maria E Luna(San Fernando High School Class of 1989)

    Since 1990: Hermine "Anne" Bullard and Onier Vargas,

    Since 1991: Guillermo "Willie" Sanchez

    Since 1992: Fredrick R Caines Sr(Oregon City High School 1960)and Ambrosio Galvan(Canoga Park High School Class of 1981)

    Wrongfully Terminated to save on pay which they(Wal-Mart) consider a controllable cost.

    Rosie Suarez, in her mid 70s years old, in 2005 from the Demo Department and Annabelle Guzman from the Front End in 2007

    Maria Rincon was a Check Out Supervisor who used to make $15 an hour at Sam's Club 6625 and she was forced to quit and no-one earns over $15.

    Max Rafael Waller,a Sam's Club associate who earned $13.49 per hour{never complained about the wages} after 16+ years only to be fired so they can lower pay roll.

    Samuel Moore Walton(1918-1992),

    His wife Helen Robson Kemper Walton(1919-2007),

    and his younger brother James Lawrence Walton (1921-1995)

    Rest in Peace


    Wal-Mart died with them

    The brothers began a company for simple folks by small folks and began a company

    that incorporated the best of the Non-Union corporations and Unions.

    Does Wal-Mart do good things for people and have they improved? YES,but never without problems

    Wal-Mart responded without hesitation to the devastaion caused by Hurricane Katrina(August 2005) to Mississippi and Louisiana especially New Orleans.

    Where were the US Government officials of all levels: Republicans and Democrats in addition to the Louisiana National Guard ?

    Wal Mart offers a decent 401K and 100% profit sharing after 7 years.

    So write what you believe to be the verifiable truht.

    Legal things to read and keep in mind

    Criminal Collusion

    COLLUSION - An agreement between two or more persons, to defraud a person of his

    rights by the forms of law, or to obtain an object forbidden by law; as, for

    example, where the husband and wife collude to obtain a divorce for a cause not

    authorized by law. It is nearly synonymous with covin.


    1. (Law) A collusive agreement between two or more persons to prejudice a third.

    2. Deceit; fraud; artifice.

    What is a Deposition

    In law, a deposition is evidence given under oath and recorded for use in court at a later date. In many countries depositions are given in courtrooms, but in the United States they are given outside a courtroom in certain well-defined circumstances. In the U.S. it is a part of the discovery process in which litigants obtain information from each other in preparation for trial. Some jurisdictions recognize an affidavit as a form of deposition.

    If Defamation of Character along with Character Assassination were easy to prove then my friend would have won big against non-managers and managers against Sam's Club 6625 in San Fernando California and against Samuel Robson Walton of Wal-Mart(Rob Walton has people do his will and this is why I included him)

    This is about Character Assassination

    Discriminations types; Disparate Treatment and Disparate Impact

    Do business owners and investors have a right to make a profit? YES

    What about rewarding employees with decent pay? Samuel Moore Walton was doing this until he died.

    Samuel Robson Walton only cares for net profit and improves the corporation because of legal obligation nd public opinion and he does not improve pro-actively. He and the Executive Board do everything legally to keep a lot of the net profit.

    Wal Mart prides itself in not laying off people or terminating them only to offer them the same job at a lower wage as Circuit City has done recently,moreover, they claim to be the best employer as well as a shopper's paradise.

    A lot of what they claim be be discredit and as you will read here.

    If Wal-Mart's Chairman of the Board of Directors, Samuel Robson Walton is WELCOMED to write a rebuttal HERE

    Information for conducting a fact finding investigation

    People to investigate with telephone and addresses:

    Samuel Robson Walton,Daniel "Danny" Mora,Ana C Montano-Ordaz,Socorro Carillo,Fidel Jacobo,William "Bill" Gregory Lang,Jesse Carillo,Esperanza "Espy" Lopez,Socorro Carillo,

    Gabriel H Peregrini,and Max Rafael Waller

    San Fernando Legal Aid

    13327 Van Nuys Boulevard

    Pacoima 91331-3099

    Phone (818) 896-5211,


    FBI Los Angeles

    Suite 1700, FOB

    11000 Wilshire Boulevard

    Los Angeles, California 90024-3672

    Telephone(310) 477-6565

    Wal Mart Stores, Inc

    702 SW 8th St.

    Bentonville, AR 72716

    Phone: 479-273-4000

    Fax: 479-277-1830

    Sam's Club

    608 SW 8th St.

    Bentonville, AR 72716

    Sam's Club 6625

    12920 Foothill Blvd

    San Fernando California 91340

    Phone(818) 365-7710

    Fax(818) 365-0690

    You can call Sam's Club 6625 at (818) 365-7710

    Monday-Saturday 7AM-8:30PM

    Sunday 10AM-6PM

    If you call before or after people will answer "Sam's Club Security" even though they do NOT have in-club security personnel,it used to be Weinhold Investigations until early January 2007.

    Max Rafael Waller

    11261 Sproule Ave

    Pacoima California 91331

    Phone(818) 890-2048

    Los Angeles Police Department

    Foothill Division-Area 16

    12760 Osborne Street

    Pacoima, CA 91331

    818-756-8861 Voice

    818-756-9034 TDD/TTY

    San Fernando Police Department

    San Fernando Police Department Explorer Scouts

    910 First Street

    San Fernando CA 91340

    Contact Information:

    Phone: 818-898-1267


    All in chronological order

    Waller, Max Rafael

    Dates of employment

    Saturday, 15 January 1994 - Monday, 23 April 2007


    Sam's Club 6625

    12920 Foothill Blvd

    San Fernando CA 91340



    Sam's Club Awards

    September 2003

    Sam's Club 6625

    September 2003 Associate of the Month

    October 2003

    Region 54

    2nd Quarter Award for Member Service

    November 2003

    Division A, now Region A

    3rd Quarter Award for Member Service

    The award was received at Home office in November 2003 where he met Thomas "Tom" M Coughlin, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors AND James "Jim"H Haworth

    December 2005 / January 2006

    Sam's Club highest award and recognition

    Member Service Living Legend

    It is on page 9

    Deleted by the FBI,MySpace to help Wal-Mart keep its image,,


    Why the FBI cannot be trusted

    Even the FBI-Los Angeles was involved and you can verify by calling them at


    To write them

    FBI Los Angeles

    Suite 1700, FOB

    11000 Wilshire Boulevard

    Los Angeles, California 90024-3672

    Telephone: (310) 477-6565

    The FBI was contacted via by my cousin TWICE and he gave them his home and work address along with his driver's license number and social security number and full legal name; Max Rafael Waller.

    He wrote the FBI-Los Angeles to ensure he had not broken any laws.

    The FBI NEVER responded.

    To verify the FBI's LACK OF COOPERATION Please call 1-310-477-6565 and if they respond only with FBI keep on pressing with the question "May I please have your name." Ask if they were investigating Max Rafael Waller

    Sam's Club 6625

    September 2005

    Sam's Club General Manager Daniel Mora and Co-General Manager Fidel Jacobo used Manager Jesse Carillo to accuse Max of the missing $300 from the register at the Tire and Battery Center only to find out the Cash office had shorted the Tire Shop over $8,000 from 2005 to 2006. So Danny and Fidel suggested that Jesse include a comment regarding the missing $300 for the 2005 annual evaluation and performance which was "lost" in early 2006 since the Director of Operations "DO" Shane Dickerson for Region 54 now District 55 was doing an audit.

    August 2006

    Business Manager Esperanza Lopez and Check Out Supervisor Rogelio "Roger" start rumors that Max is stealing from the club but stopped the gossip when 2 people in maintenance tell Max and questions were being asked.

    September 2006

    Max along his mother and aunt spend some nights at a motel since the home where the Waller family rents in being covered for fumigation of a roach and mice infestation.

    The location

    Super 8 Motel

    14955 Roxford St

    Sylmar, CA 91342

    Telephone:(818) 367-0141

    This motel has a new name,Country Side Inn. It lost its name since it was housing 53 convicted pedophiles and paid for by the state of California. Max told this to William "Bill" Gregory Lang in October 2006. Everyone, Managers and Non-Managers, at Sam's Club 6625 willingly volunteered.

    December 2006

    Pete Weinhold, unkown to Max Rafael Waller, was trying to save a Private Security contract with Sam's Club 6625 and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Pete Weinhold might be working at the Sam's Club in Santa Clarita Sam's Club and in possible contact with Bill Lang who is in denial.

    Pete Weinhold owns a Private Security firm and is a Private Investigator licensed in the State of California.

    Mr. Weinhold's Private Security firm employed retired and active Peace Officers. Peace Officers have Police Powers but NOT regular Private Security firms and thus Pete Weinhold can charge extra for this. Mr. Pete Weinhold was desperate to save his contract at Sam's Club 6625 and he found an angle; Max Rafael Waller might be an Internet Predator and Pedophile. Mr Weinhold might be at the Sam's Club in Santa Clarita California. Los Angeles Police Officer Julian Almaraz used to work for Pete Weinhold.

    Mr. Peter Herman Weinhold IS still a good man

    Misinformation has been used succesfully by the LAPD, SFPD, FBI, and etcetera.

    Bureau of Security and Investigative Services of the State of California$LCEV2.Q...

    Name: Weinhold Investigations

    License Type: Private Investigator

    License Number: 15863

    License Status: CLEAR Definition

    (Status Definition: The License/Registration/Permit is current and valid. )

    Expiration Date: September 30, 2008

    Issue Date: September 29, 1992



    Actions: No

    Business Owners: Weinhold, Peter Herman

    Related Licenses/Registrations/Permits: No records returned

    Disciplinary Actions: No records returned

    Peter Herman Weinhold is a decent man

    Questions for Mr Pete Herman Weinhold

    1) Did you find anything that could used as evidence that Max R Waller is an Internet Predator and Pedophile ?

    2) Who at Sam's Club 6625 helped you ?

    3) What led you to believe that Max Rafael Waller was a potential Internet Predator and/or Pedophile ?

    4) Did Ambrosio Galvan, Fred Caines, and Bill Lang help you ?

    A failed Sting Operation around February 2007

    Undercover Police, two white on the inside and two hispanic waiting outside,

    were setting up Max Rafael Waller at the MacDonalds in the shopping Center were

    Sam's Club 6625 is at.

    The bait was a hispanic looking girl at the register who was possibly under

    eighteen years old. Max Rafael Waller wanted to show proof that some strangers

    can be trusted so he showed his id with his home address. The one Undercover

    asked the other do we spring the trap ? The other said not yet. The reason is

    that showing were someone lives is NOT illegal and reason enough, BUT what would

    had sprung the trap was that she would be asked to come to his home and the trap

    FAILED MISERABLY due to the fact that the girl was NOT invited or given a

    suggestion for a future contact !

    A male manager from MacDonalds who looked middle eastern was nervous HAD

    confirmed it.

    Megan's Law Home

    Welcome to the California Department of Justice's Internet web site, which lists

    designated registered sex offenders in California.

    California Department of Justice

    Sex Offender Tracking Program

    P. O. Box 903387

    Sacramento, CA 94203-3870

    Phone number: 1-916-227-4974

    VOICE 1-800-952-5225 (Toll-free in CA) or 1-916-322-3360

    TDY 1-800-952-5548 (Toll-free in CA) or 1-916-324-5564

    FAX (916) 323-534

    E-mail address -

    At the site below please type the following.

    Max Rafael Waller, 11261 Sproule Ave, Pacoima CA 91331, Phone:1-818-890-2048.

    Max's name will NOT found at the site of registered sex offenders web site:

    No evidence has been found to justify surveillance and justify tactics used by the US Homeland Security and local Law Enforcement.

    PLEASE show all of the information gathered !

    Who were involved:

    the Los Angeles Police Department,the San Fernando Police Department,the Federal Bureau of Investigation and a lot of associates from Sam's Club 6625,Wal-Mart,

    Another headache for Max Rafael Waller

    December 2006

    Mehmet Ekinci {A Hatchet Man and sent to "clean House" is no

    longer there but in Fresno according to Mr Jason Fastner} said that he was

    replacing everyone in the tire shop or its proper title: Tire and Battery Center

    according to Jeff Lopez{no longer works there} and Mark Castro{has recanted}and

    Bill Lang heard indirectly but will deny it. Max Rafael Waller studied all of

    Wal-Mart policies and found that if that his remark {INTIMIDATION} could be

    verified then he would get a coaching for making such a remark. The others are

    scared to tell the truth.

    January/February 2007

    A lot of misinformation and misleading statements were given at Sam's Club 6625

    from a Team Lead,Bill Lang, that moved to Palmer Lake Colorado in mid-June 2007,

    but instigated by management from January until mid-April 2007 like a manager,

    Ana C Montano-Ordaz , going to a Utah Sam's Club since rumors about her committing adultery were told by Bill Lang. Ana C Montano-Ordaz left Sam's Club 6625 in late March or early April 2007 to the Sam's Club that Daniel Mora went to in 2006

    Managers are STILL there, Fidel Jacobo, Enrique Velarde, and Esperanza Lopez

    The worst misleading information given was about Socorro Carillo who used to be the manager of the photo lab at Sam's Club 6625. The Tire Shop,Bill, and Demo Department,Alma, Team Leads insinuated that she was possibly murdered by her husband and that is why she was not heard over a month,BUT it turned out that her position of Photo Shop or Photo Lab was eliminated and that is why no-one heard from her.

    Fidel Jacobo and Enrique Velarde had possibly everybody at Sam's Club gathering information given out by Max Rafael Waller and will reward them by promotion

    and/or a payraise along with illegal surveillance that GROSSLY violates the Global Ethics Compliance that Wal-Mart Stores, Inc claims to uphold. Fidel

    Jacobo might had given misinformation through the tire shop boss, Bill Lang.

    Fidel Jacobo has received a lot of Anti-Union training

    Bill told Max if the associates did not follow rules let that be the problem of management. Bill Lang is a Team Lead and so he is required to enforce all rules

    even IF he disagrees.

    Sam's Club 6625 did the following tactic as of Wednesday, 4 April 2007 with the participation of members. One African-American tried to talk about the union,

    but Max's reply "You started inserting the talk about the union and so you want to find out what is going on in my head. You wearing clothes so raggedy that

    your testicles are showing. If you were FBI you would be in trouble for indecent exposure." He left.


    Others Associates and one Caucasian-American named Jarrod tried to be his friend. Jarrod in the past ignore him while his friend that came along with him

    came from another Sam's Club and they enjoy Good Cop and Bad Cop. Their plan was to have enough approaches to seek "friendship" but they were to

    seek information and what he was up to since some web sites about Sam's Club 6625 are on the internet.

    Another tactic used by Sam's Club 6625 / Wal Mart Stores, Inc

    Wal-Mart Stores, Inc will protect their Public Relations and Image AT ANY COST INCLUDING MAKING A PACT Loyal Customers, "grateful" associates, and their

    vendors and suppliers.

    Members where to complain to get Max Rafael Waller and Sam's Club 6625

    management would had an easy time had him fired for inferior member service.

    Wal-Mart Stores, Inc WILL improve and better their ways of operating, but it

    will NOT be easy. They are NOT as horrible as people claim.

    To give the Appearance that Max Rafael Waller was causing great harm to Wal-Mart

    Stores, Inc and Sam's Club they had labeled Interview Questions and "Privileged

    & Confidential" and its Sam's Club University title is

    More Than


    Gut Feeling

    Participant's Guide

    A list of interview questions should be deemed Innocuous that would not be

    Injurious to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc and Sam's Club.

    The so called witnesses would had been Mr. Fastener and Mr. Lang of Sam's Club


    A print out of this document conveniently did not have a date printed to give an

    appearance that is so sensitive that it is disruptive.

    These document bring no harm and it shows how Disingenuous and Duplicitous

    Samuel Robson Walton and the Legal Division of Wal-Mart Stores really are.

    Mr. Fastener and Mr. Lang were also giving the amount of money lost on the

    Profit and Loss so the if their conversation would be on the internet. They were

    hoping for the amount to have been stated, but the fact that the conversation

    was written was enough to know that he wrote at MySpace.

    Around Wednesday, 21 March 2007

    he dragged the rotting carcass of a dog so

    children would not touch it.

    It was in front on the Pepsi Bottling Plant in San Fernando California 91340 and

    its entrance is on Dronfield Ave.

    He might have breathed some Bacteria, Germs or other Biological Agents and maybe

    some Botulism.

    Esther Topete on Saturday, 24 March 2007 was watering the front lawn at 11261

    Sproule Ave, Pacoima California 91331 and was scared.

    Max picked up a headless Squirrel that had a foul stench and maggots and placed

    in the garbage bin. This was a symbolic message from MaraSalvatrucha-13


    A possible missdiagnosis {two EKG readings, Blood tests, Urine Tests, and Lung

    X-rays}but no medicine was initiated by Scott Wang MD from

    Providence Holy Cross Medical Center

    15301 Rinaldi St

    Mission Hills CA 91345

    Telephone: 1-818-365-8051

    Max was scared because he had a high heart rate and cloudy vision, but it turned out that it could have been a result of MEGADOSING on vitamins and minerals a one result is VITAMIN INTOXICATION.

    Dr Scott Wang's name could not be found at their website

    An old white man claiming to be from a PET {Positive Emitting Tomography}

    Psychiatric team from Kaiser Permanente never left a business card or a phone

    number for communication.

    With a PET scan something called RFID can be planted and placed strategically at

    vital part of the body to electronically kill Max by devious people and this

    method of killing American Dissenters is from the FBI and the US Military. It is

    in the Black Operations of the US Federal Government. They also do

    Electromagnetic Harassment so please visit

    The old white man looked like an actor from Law and Order portraying a

    Psychiatrist and this IS ILLEGAL. Kaiser Permanente's Behavioral Health Care

    Member Help Line and their telephone: 1-800-900-3277

    On Sunday, 1 April 2007

    Dr Paul R Hladon

    Kaiser Permanente

    13652 Cantara St

    Panorama City CA 91402

    Telephone: 1-818-375-2377

    A possible misdiagnosis since Max had a burning sensation of his Bronchial tubes

    and Dr Hladon reluctantly gave the medicine. At first he said it was a possible


    Someone at Kaiser Permanente placed a magazine despicting death possibly the

    Filipino Nurses. They claimed that they do NOT have a Physician Desk Reference{ } which can tell about Dessicant Bacteria and its

    Incubation Period. The Nursing staff was Disigenous and Duplicitous and COULD


    Dr Paul R Hladon gave RELUCTANTLY Max two prescriptions: Azithromycin Tablet

    250MG{Take two tablets daily for seven days} and Ciprofloxacin HCL Tablet

    500MG{Take one tablet orally two times a day for fourteen days}. Dr. Hladon had

    two X-Rays so how did he know to give WHAT medicine{prescription} without blood

    work and being tested for anything out of the ordinary ?

    Misdiagnosis kills almost 100,000 Americans yearly!

    The secret for Wal-Mart not getting caught using tactics, fear and intimidation,

    is simple: a lot of unwritten rules so there is no evidence. A lot of

    non-managers associates will respond by saying they see or know nothing of

    improper treatment. They will also have selective memory.

    Wal-Mart Stores, Inc has a persistent Legal Divsion that rivals the US Federal

    Government and has many victories on its belt.

    It can be verified just ask the New York Times for confirmation.

    Wal Mart Stores, Inc violate their own Global Ethics policies. Their Global

    Ethics Office have stated that they only handle Age Discrimination.

    Read the United Nations Global Compact

    Institute for Global Ethics

    The FBI will discredit American Dissenters by all necessary means like

    Biological and Psychological war along with Electronic from their world famous

    Behavioral Science Unit or BSU

    The FBI protect multi-national conglomerates

    Group Stalking and Electromagnetic Harassment are some their tactics.


    The heart has a frequncy and cycle and the EKG also looks for a rythm

    Two EKG's were done at Holy Cross Hospital by Dr. Scott Wang and with the

    frequncy the FBI {every day and night}are sending just barely audible to

    inaudible Electromagnetic pulses and signals

    PLEASE visit to understand to dark side of the US Federal Government

    Use use the Freedom of Information Act and expect the FBI to stone walled and

    cite National Security and National Interest

    More on the FBI and US Homeland Security

    Surveillance, Psychotronics and (Gang)Stalking Operations

    The Xiandos web site is,_Psychotronics_an...

    Sam's Club 6625 might be spreading rumors about Max in the San Fernando Valley

    especially in Pacoima California so that he will not be hired.

    Two Sam's Club 6625 associates possibly a Check Out Supervisor Jay and a female

    spreading misinformation at Wireless Communication 1, 11916 Foothill Blvd, Lake

    View Terrace CA 91342; Telephone:1-818-897-1477 and Fax:1-818-897-1467

    A hispanic male, Gabriel, in his twenties from Sam's Club 6625 possibly works in

    the area or spreading misinformation.

    Hatie who used to work at the Demo Department, who said that there might be a

    possible Discrimation Lawsuit against Sam's Club 6625.

    Also overheard is a rumor of a Sexual Harrassment Lawsuit against male managers

    This came from the deleted site


    Involuntary Termination based on a flagrant lie at Sam's Club 6625 in San

    Fernando California 91340

    Gabriel H Peregrino is the Tire and Battery Associate that lied on Saturday, 21

    April 2007. He wrote a lie stating that I was aggressive, but he only

    exaggerates and is vindictive. He is a slacker and Ambrosio Galvan and Bill Lang

    know this but will not admit since they can be fired for any reason since people

    in California can be terminated At Will.

    The following implicates Club Manager Fidel Jacobo

    Saturday, 21 April 2007

    16:27 PDST

    To Sam's Club Asset Protection and management

    From Waller, Max Rafael


    TBC Assoc Gabriel (Assoc ID 2216) did not want to raise the vehicle for mounting

    and the easier task, the tire of the vehicle. About two week ago he and I had a

    great half hour talk about animation or know as cartoons. I thought we were

    having some kind of association but I am wrong. This took place around 13:07

    PDST so please review the surveillance tape. You will also see the pranks others

    have played on me. Review all from two weeks back. Gabriel and I pushed each

    other. Ambrosio Galvan and Bill Lang know his work habits. Thank you for opening

    this investigation. I am aware of what constitutes a Hostile Work Place

    Environment. You, Fidel Jacobo, have been told of TBC Associates works habits.

    You have not addressed this in any document meeting.

    Show the surveillance video as proof.

    The video would exonerate me of their false charges.

    According to Art who works for the California EDD at

    Fidel Jacobo, ex boss, told Art that I was fired for

    1) Work Place Violence


    2) Verbal Altercation.

    Sam's Club Manager Fidel Jacobo MIGHT be telling members that I was fired for Violent Work Place and Verbal Altercations

    Art from EDD recommended that Max file a complaint to complaint.asp !

    Fidel Jacobo has no documetation that he had meetings to help under the guidelines of Wal Mart's Servant Leadership

    Fidel Jacobo's revenge

    was someone, her name was May, from the EDD ask questions about my progress in looking for a job but never asked me for a telephone number were I was being trained even though I was not being paid.

    Fidel Jacobo just wanted to prevent me from receiving Unemployment Insurance but know as Unemployment Check.

    William Gregory Lang or Bill Lang transferred to a Sam's Club near Palmer Lake in Colorado in early June 2007. Mr. Lang used to be trusted by me who made the mistake of telling him everything before the Termination on Monday, 23 April 2007. Bill Lang knows the dirt of Sam's Club 6625 and had told some people in the Club that almost everyone hates Fidel Jacobo and that is why a lot of people quit Sam's Club 6625.

    Team Lead Ambrosio Galvan also knows a lot of dirty secrets at Sam's Club 6625, but is nervous about losing his job if he sides with me

    Sam's Club PD-57 Investigation/Suspension was NOT adhering to by Club Manager Fidel Jacobo and Membership Manager Esperanza Lopez.

    Read the complete policy, PD-57, at the end.

    No documentation of any complaints and the San Fernando Police Department or the Los Angeles Police Department ever showed for a "Work Place Violence."

    Please show proof since one complaint and one video tape does NOT establish Workplace Violence.


    Sam's Club 6625 management refusal to cooperate

    Neither Mr. Jacobo nor Ms Lopez wanted to sign the papers of any meeting between two managers and me for Legal Documentation.

    No meetings to address any potential problems at the Tire and Battery Center were brought up by the Team Lead or Management.

    As of Monday, 9 April 2007, the people of the Tire Shop are playing pranks and making it appear as if I was becoming forgetful such as the misplacement of tools and personal safety gear. The suspects are Erick Miron and Mark Castro.

    Esperanza Lopez was told and never had a meeting to discuss the topics brought to her attention by me.

    Esperanza Lopez was asked to verify this by reviewing the Surveillance video tapes and my request was not honored.

    Esperanza Lopez was told about the pranks about two weeks ago but no meeting to diffuse or address serious matters was conducted.

    Wal-Mart Stores, Inc does not always follow their guidelines and fire anyone that does not allow their selves to be intimidated!!!

    Esperanza Lopez used to be a cashier at TreSierras Store 2 in Pacoima CA 91331 from 1984-1991, but when she became a manager in time she was not friendly the Delgado Family. Esperanza Lopez's nickname was "Pera," who had helped her.


    13156 Van Nuys blvd.

    Pacoima, CA. 91331

    Tel: (818) 896-6618

    Fax: (818) 896-5489

    About Tresierras

    Esperanza Lopez is a decent manager BUT only honors the request (s) of those that will help her career or that she likes.

    If I can get a good attorney I might be able to file the following complaints.

    Discriminations types;

    Disparate Treatment


    Disparate Impact

    Wal-Mart has earned its reputation about not treating people with respect and only improves only when they lose a court case.

    One ongoing case is Dukes Versus Wal-Mart Stores, Inc

    Erick Miron always complained about classical music and started a rumor and told Marco Arins that he and I had a physical fight.

    I, Max Rafael Waller, formerly Assoc ID 0035 and Operator 007 proudly served from Tuesday, 13 November 1990 - Monday, 23 April 2007 and only needed about nine years to do a minimal of twenty-five years to retire from Wal Mart Stores, Inc. I was one hundred percent vested in Profit Sharing and had a one month vacation allocated per year.

    I am a share holder Wal Mart Stores, Inc stock and I have about 11 shares so I have vested interest at the time of termination.

    Miguel P Herrera might have spread misinformation but is only a suspect.

    On Saturday, 12 May 2007

    a relative of mine two Sam's Club 6625 associates possibly a Check Out Supervisor Jay and a female spreading misinformation at Wireless Communication 1, 11916 Foothill Blvd, Lake View Terrace CA 91342; Telephone:1-818-897-1477 and Fax:1-818-897-1467

    If Wal-Mart / Sam's Club 6625 could negate what I have written, then I would be in legal trouble.

    Sam's Club 6625 might be spreading rumors about me in the San Fernando Valley especially in Pacoima California so that I will not be hired.

    What Sam's Club 6625 has done.

    On Saturday, 12 May 2007 a relative of mine saw and overheard two Sam's Club 6625 associates possibly a Check Out Supervisor Jay and a female spreading misinformation at Wireless Communication 1, 11916 Foothill Blvd, Lake View Terrace CA 91342; Telephone:1-818-897-1477 and Fax:1-818-897-1467 COS Jay left in late June or early July 2007.

    Around 10:54 AM, Friday, 23 May 2007 I saw a hispanic male, Gabriel, in his twenties from Sam's Club 6625 possibly works in the area or spreading misinformation.

    I also saw Hatie who used to work at the Demo Department, who said that there might be a possible Discrimation Lawsuit against Sam's Club 6625.

    Also overheard is a rumor of a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit against male managers of Sam's Club 6625 by former female associates

    Please call 1-818-365-7710

    and ask about

    Employment Verification


    Max Rafael Waller

    Wal-Mart Corporate Policy

    Number: PD-57

    Investigation/Suspension Policy

    Revised: 10/16/04


    When it is necessary to conduct an investigation regarding possible violations

    of Wal-Mart policies, the investigation should be handled promptly and

    thoroughly. The investigation will be focused on determining if the allegations

    can be substantiated and what action, if any, is necessary. In all

    investigations, confidentiality will be maintained to the greatest extent


    NOTE: This policy is to be used for all investigations, except for fraud of

    theft issues. Any investigations related to fraud or theft issue is to be

    conducted by Loss Prevention [now called Asset Protection].

    Applies To

    All Associates, regular, temporary, full time, peak time, Hourly and Salaried.


    All investigations should be conducted thoroughly and promptly.

    Objectives of an investigation are to:

    determine whether the allegations can be substantiated;

    determine whether the allegations, if substantiated, constitute a violation of

    company policy;

    determine what action, if any, is needed;

    maintain confidentiality;

    Harassment/Discrimination/Inappropriate Conduct Investigations

    All supervisors/managers have an obligation to report cases or suspected cases

    of Harassment/discrimination/inappropriate conduct to an appropriate level of

    management as detailed below.

    Allegations reported to Hourly Supervisors must be reported to a salaried member

    of management.

    All allegations of harassment/discrimination must be reported to and

    investigated by: Facility Manager/Salaried People Manager (Wal-Mart Stores &

    Sam's Club)

    People Manager (Field Logistics)

    People Director, People Manager will inform the District Manager/Director of

    Operations (the title is no longer used), Divisional People Director and

    Regional Personnel manager of the allegation. The People Manager (Field

    Logistics) will inform the General Manager (Club Manager at Sam's Club) and the

    Regional Manager.

    Harassment/Discrimination Investigations

    Investigations regarding Harassment/Discrimination/Inappropriate Conduct

    allegations by Associate/Customer and /or Member must be conducted by the

    Facility Manager/Salaried People Manager or higher using the Investigation

    Report & Guide (IRG) of THE RED BOOK. If the complaint involves one of these

    managers, a higher level of salaried management should conduct the

    investigation. If the Facility Manager is out of the facility (i.e., Vacation,

    leave of absence) another member of management must contact the District

    Manager/Director of Operations or Regional Personnel Manager to ensure the

    investigation begins immediately. The Investigation Report & Guide and the

    following investigation forms can be printed from the link found at the end of

    this policy under Resources, Printed Materials, and THE RED BOOK Forms:

    Investigation Supplements

    Investigation Report and Guide

    Interview Checklist

    Witness Manager Notes

    Associate Statement

    Follow Up Interview Checklist

    Changes/Additions to Associate Statement

    All original documents obtained relating to Harassment or Discrimination

    allegations will be maintained in THE RED BOOK, at the facility in a locked file

    cabinet in the Investigating manager's office. They are not to be placed in a

    personnel file.

    If the investigation is regarding a salaried member of management's conduct, THE

    RED BOOK should be maintained at the District Manager/Director of Operations

    (Regional Personnel Manager for Logistics) office in a locked file cabinet.

    For confidentiality reasons, Associates are not entitled to copies of statements

    other than their own that are collected/obtained during as investigation.

    THE RED BOOK may be used for other type of investigations if desired (optional).

    Conducting Interviews

    A salaried member of management must interview all identified individuals to

    determine what occurred, when, where, and who was involved and obtain written

    statements from all individuals interviewed.

    Conduct all interviews privately, and ensure that is a salaried member of

    management participating as a witnessing manager. Explain to the Associate that

    the witnessing manager will be taking notes. At least one member of management

    should be the same gender (if practical) as the Associate is on the clock.

    Verify the Associate is on the clock.

    Tell the Associate you are here to learn what the Associate might know regarding

    certain matters that have come to your attention.

    Explain that the meeting will be considered an Open Door discussion and that the

    Associate is protected from retaliation from any person for sharing information

    during the investigation.

    Explain that the meeting is confidential, and that any information the Associate

    provides will be shared only with those who have a need to know or to further

    the investigation.

    Ask whether the Associate is comfortable meeting with you and the other

    manager(s) present. If uncomfortable, offer the Associate the opportunity to

    discuss without the particular manager.

    Tell the Associate that to be consistent you will be taking notes as you go

    through the interview.

    If an Associate request to have a co-worker present, and refuses to meet with

    management alone, you need to let them know that our Associates have the benefit

    of utilizing the Open Door Policy which allows them the opportunity to talk

    directly to a member of management regarding any situation, while maintaining

    confidentiality. As a result, it is not necessary for Associates to have a

    co-worker present, therefore, co-workers will not be allowed to attend. If the

    Associate to refuse to meet, you may request the Associate to submit a written

    statement regarding the situation. Inform the associate that the investigation

    will continue with or without their comments.

    Continue with the investigation and necessary action.

    Collect and review all statements, appropropriate paperwork, documentation, and system reports that are relevant to the investigation.

    Consider interviews, written statements, documents or other materials carefully to determine whether a violation of policy occurred and take appropriate action.

    All documentation concerning the investigation should be kept in a separate file locked file cabinet in the manager's office (People Manager for Field

    Logistics). They are not to be placed in the personnel files.


    During the course of an investigation, the Investigating Manager may determine

    it would be in the best interest of the Associate of the Company for the

    Associate to be suspended from work, pending the outcome of the investigation.

    Suspension from the Company will be unpaid, pending the outcome of the

    investigation. Hourly Associates will not be eligible to use benefit hours

    (illness protection, or personal time) to compensate for lost wages. Salaried

    will be paid only through the end of the week in which they will be suspended.

    If an Associate is suspended due to an arrest, refer to Arrested Associate's

    Policy, PD-01 for additional information.

    Appropriate Action

    Once the investigation is completed, if there has been no violation of company

    policy, no disciplinary action will be taken. If there has been a violation of

    company policy, the Associate under investigation may be subject to disciplinary

    action, up to and including termination. The investigation materials must still

    be maintained regardless of the outcome of the investigation.

    If the investigation is the result of an Open Door, it is the salaried member of

    management's responsibility to follow up with the reporting Associate. The

    salaried member of management should ensure the Associate understands how and

    why the resolution was determined. If the Associate still has unresolved

    concerns, the Associate should be directed to the next level supervision.

  • 5 years ago

    They are fast learners, and they love smell of the money !? They are just competing with the Elites, who have been financing All the wars, including WW1, and WW2 ?! But they were Fair and financed both sides?! lol Regards.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    its all to do with leverage

    they "china" own or are in the process of owning the u s of a

    this is the start of the world changing

    and if look at oil prices and the dollar you will see the change

    but its not going to be all china there are other factors in the equation.....India ....pakistan.........these 3 countries all have 2 3 or 5 times the populasion.........concumuors........useres

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They most likely hope that US will fail to pay its debt, and it will be turned into equity (i.e. control)

    That is not very likely to happen. While capitalism does have periodic recessions, The Fed is getting pretty good at keeping them very moderate.

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  • 1 decade ago

    in case you don't know my children chine owns most of Americas major company's. like shoes shocks and toys. look at your pc power supply's its made in china. there eating out of our budget so by helping us out there putting more debt into our country meaning that money we make from iraq will make them more. its all a f^ system really

  • twice.
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    1 decade ago

    Because it will speed up the collapse of the United States.

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