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artifical drugs?

ok so today me and my friends tried something we were told about so what we do is we sit on a bench and we put our heads and hands down as if we were grabbing something under us then we took deep rapid heavy breaths(10-17) repetitions and then after that we blow on our thumbs for like 10 secs. then i felt the wildest sensation as if i was doing some really strong drug. well all i wanted to kno is if this is at all harmful for your health

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    In the short answer, Yes what you are doing is dangerous.

    So you sit down put your head below your heart, What happens here is blood rushes to your brain, your using gravity here. This also slows blood flow in the brain, think of a traffic jam.

    Now you procede to hyperventilate (rapid deep breaths) Your not moving adequate ammounts of oxygen here and to make matters worse Co2 is building up in the blood.

    So now we have slow moving blood with more Co2 in the brain.

    now heres where it gets bad (especially if you in the same position of head between your legs)

    You proced to blow on your thumb ( are you releasing air here or using the thumb as a cork puttin pressure behind it?)

    From what you describe i would say this is similar to a Vagal manuver, In emergency medicine we use Vagal manuvers to slow heart rate in a Pt. this manuver stimulates on the Vagus nerve, this can result in a slowing of conduction of impulses through the Atrioventricular node. SLOWS THE HEART.

    This can put additional pressure on the vascular structure in the brain, for people who have vascular abnormalites in the brain this can be very dangerous.

    As for artifical drugs here, well no the chemicals involved here are oxygen (too little) and Carbon dioxide (too much) very natural chemicals, you are putting a unatural physicological stress on your body, that high you feel that is called anoxia, or lack of oxygen.

    Brain cells want two things Oxygen and enegry. Don't cut that supply of to the brain ever, when brain cells die they do not grow back.

    Source(s): Bledsoe, Brian. Paramedic care: Principles & Practice. NJ: Prentice Hall, 2000.
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    yeah what he said... listen to him.

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