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So i just watched sin city and i really liked it, but i dont usually read comics?

if i am interested in reading some of frank millers stuff which comics should i read and will i actually enjoy it since i usally dont read comics?


anything but 300

or even a different author is fine

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    Obviously, the Sin City books, but a specific Sin City book I would suggest is "A Dame to Kill For" as it is the 3rd in the series and the other 3 (A Hard Goodbye, The Big Fat Kill, and That Yellow Bastard) are almost exactly the same as what you saw in the movie. "Booze, Broads, & Bullets" is another good Sin City book, featuring a bunch a short, including the Josh Harnett scene.

    I'm going to avoid superhero comics here:

    Another one is Ronin, its more of a sci-fi tale, with heavy samurai influences, as it is about a samurai fighting a corrupt government in the future.

    If you do want superhero comics, Frank Miller's work on Batman was great and I would suggest reading "Batman: Year One" and "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns" as they are both great works. Year One is about Batman's first year as a hero and Dark Knight Returns is set in the future and is about Batman fighting against a government that outlawed superheroes, except for the government hero Batman.

    Okay, just saw that different authors would be fine:

    100 Bullets by Brian Azzarello is a great crime comic book, it just draws you in and keeps you wanting more because anything can happen and anyone can be killed at anytime. The basic plot was that a man named Agent Graves would give you a briefcase with a gun, 100 bullets, and the photo, with evidence, of the person who ruined your life. Whatever you do with the gun is your desicion and you won't get into any legal trouble if you kill someone with the gun and bullets provided. The real question is what does Agent Graves gain by doing this. If you do read this, pick up the first two books as the first doesn't really set into the motion the book as well as the second, but the must be read in order.

    Y: The Last Man is another great book, set in a world where all males suddenly die, except for Yorick. It is hard to describe this book, but trust me, it is a great book, and an interesting look at what the world becomes. Yorick gets assigned a special ops to protect him and his monkey (who is the only other surviving male of all species, yes every single male animal died), and there is a bunch of people either trying to kill him or kidnap him. All he wants to do is get to Australia and find his fiance.

    And, I'm all out of ideas.

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    The obvious things to say are, if you like Sin City, go back and read his mainstream comics. Though he wasn't credited in the Daredevil and Electra movies he created Electra and a lot of those two movies were taken from the -- good things he did back then. I've been looking at his Batman:The Dark Knight Returns again. It's at our local library. I wasn't very impressed before. I'm still not very impressed but I don't have a problem with our kids enjoying it. It's a a good personal look at Batman even if it is by no means as revolutionary as his acolytes insist.

    Ronin was a good series. As was Martha Washington but I am a Dave Gibbons fan, despite his Captain Africa.

    You said not the 300. I thoroughly sympathize. I don't consider myself a Frank Miller fan and that's a great example of why not.

    One thing he was involved in though was the American Publication of the Manga series Lone Wolf and Cub. He's heavily influenced by it and frankly, it's not only easy to see but it's hard to hate anyone who is influenced by it in that way. Read Lone Wolf And Cub.

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    You will like Sin City then. The Comic Book I mean. You should read more on Marv, He did some pretty heavy sh!t before he died. Ronin is good if you like Sci Fi and Samurais. Guessing you don't like superheroes but If you liked Batman Begins You would like Batman Year one, Both are Miller too, and If you liked that you will like Dark Knight Returns.

    Moving to another writer Try Alan Moore, The Watchman is Superhero but not treated as such, Because of the level of Complexity and overall moral ambiguity of the characters.

    V For Vendetta is also good. Caution, It is nothing like the neo liberal vs neo conservative That is the movie. The Movie is about two philosophical points of view that are Complete opposites colliding Anarchism Vs Fascism. If you like Novels with philosophical depth then This Graphic novel is perfect for you.

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    The only reason you have the concept of god-like superheroes in your head is because you were told what a god should be like. If god myths came after superheroes, we would be commenting on how gods are superhero-like.

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    his take on the batman's 1st year as a crime fighter was very good he did a good run on daredevil also

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    manga,type of comic book ----- DEATH note is awesome

    angel sanctuary

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