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What was the purpose of josh hartnetts character at the beginning of sin city?

i didnt understand why he killed that woman, but maybe i wasnt supposed to. by the way isn't clive owen hot?

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    Its from a short Sin City story. Josh Harnett's character is a hitman and the woman he shot was his client. She paid Harnett to kill her because she didn't want to die alone. She was on the run from someone for doing something (never meantioned why she is running or what she did) and knew that eventually she would be caught and killed. So she hired a hitman (Josh Harnett) to kill her, so she wouldn't have to run anymore and so she would die alone. She basically paid him to kill her and whisper sweet nothings in her ear while doing it, so she felt loved and comforted as she died.

    That is why when Josh Harnett appears in the elevator next to the traitor hooker played by Alexis Bediel, she gets a shocked look on her face as she is aware that she is about to die.

    And yes Clive Owen just happens to be the manliest man in world.

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