comanche moon dont get the ending?

I mean what happened to the rangers and the little boy that his mother died do the rangers get the Indian i mean what the freak

i have seen all the episodes but i still dont get it help ?????

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    1 decade ago
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    ok, the problem with the movie is that it is part of the "lonesome dove" series. Lonesome Dove was such a hit that the author wrote "comanche moon", which is a PREQUEL to lonesome dove. back in 1989 i believe lonesome dove also had a tv series similar to comanche moon, starting robert duvall and tommy lee jones. So, now that you saw comanche moon, go rent lonesome dove, or read the book! notice how they kept mentioning lonesome dove...they were setting it up because comanche moon is about their lives BEFORE lonesome dove. That is why so many things were left unanswered...they are discussed more in the lonesome dove tv series/book. hope this helped explain things.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yea i know its kinda confusing but I'm pretty sure that there is another saga or whatever in this series that might be on TV in the near future.

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