Is a lesbian who finds herself attracted to a transsexual man (female to male) still a lesbian?

And what does that make the transguy?


a transguy is a person that was born female and becomes a man, or FTM.

A transwoman is a person that was born a male and becomes female, or MTF.

I should know, I'm a transman.

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    Perhaps. If a lesbian is attracted to someone who was raised as a woman and living as a woman when they met, and that person then began to take male hormones and start masculinizing, then that would not change the lesbian's core identity. This is a special case to have a partner to transition to the other sex while in a relationship to them.

    The same goes for a straight woman meeting someone she believes to be a man only for them to correct their body to female. That woman would then have to wrestle with whether to stay in the relationship or not, or if that makes her a lesbian.

    Now, being attracted to someone right from the start knowing they are a TS, that is different. Of course, there are 2 paths here. One is that the person is attracted to TSs. The other is that they fully accept the other person as the gender they believe they are and present. So if a lesbian ignores the TS part of the person who is living as a man and is seeking (or has had) surgical correction, then yes, this would be a heterosexual relationship. So the lesbian might really be a bisexual, or the lesbian is making an exception since the transman knew what it was like to be raised as a girl and is more likely than most other men to know how important it is to be tolerant.

    As for the transguy, if he is attracted to the lesbian as a straight man, then he would still be a straight man. Your orientation is determined by your perception of the relationship, not the other person's. If the lesbian wants to deny that this is a straight relationship, then the transman can still regard it as a straight relationship. If the lesbian has to loophole it in her mind to make it work, the transman is not obligated to play that game too.

    For the posters here, calling someone a TS woman or TS man is based on the gender the person believes they are and the sex to which their body is being corrected. A woman wrongly born with male parts is a transsexual woman, and a man wrongly born with female parts is a transsexual man. The reason people change is because they never were whatever their bodies were. Being a man or woman relates to culture, not the body. Being a male or female is purely biological. People often use gender role and identity terms interchangeably with terms related to one's biological sex, and that is incorrect usage. Gender is about who one is and how they are accepted in society. Sex is what you have below, and the two don't always match. So a person can be a male woman or a female man.

  • Donna
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    4 years ago

    It really depends on the people involved, what makes this question difficult is the label and description, you’re not really talking about a transsexual but rather some sort of transgender. The main issue, that while a transsexual woman is and always has been a woman.. A male transgender who takes on the appearance of a female is not likely going be able to fulfill the emotional response of a woman. If the so called lesbian is simply attracted to physical aspects of an individual looking like a female, but usually that type of a relationship is purely physical with no actual relationship.

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    1 decade ago

    "Is a lesbian who finds herself attracted to a transsexual man (female to male) still a lesbian?"

    Many "lesbians" who partner with transguys identify as QUEER.

    "And what does that make the transguy?"

    A man. A heterosexual man to be more specific.

    It's not what's between the legs that makes a man.. it's what's between the ears.


  • Mike
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    It would depend on why she was attracted to him.

    If she was attracted to him under the impression that he was a woman, or because she thought he looked like a woman, that's lesbian. He's a man, but her attraction is lesbian.

    Though it's worth noting that a *lot* of people have rare but significant exceptions to their general rule of sexual orientation. I'm mostly gay (attracted to men), but there are a few very specific women I've known who I would make an exception for. One of these women is trans (as am I, btw - I'm a trans guy). I'm a mostly gay man, but I'm attracted to her as a woman. I've known lesbians in similar situations, who have been attracted to/been partners with men (including trans men) who were their special exception to their normal habits.

    What does that make them? Lesbians with a touch of bisexuality. Whatever. It's all still pretty damn queer.

    And none of it says anything about him. It just puts him in a potentially awkward position.

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  • 1 decade ago

    A transman is a man, a transwoman is a woman.........a lesbian with a transman just turned bisexual or straight.......and this is an issue in lesbian circles where the line between stone butch and transman can be very very fine indeed.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Nope I think it'd make her bi if she were sexually attracted to a trans guy. If she were to end up in a relationship with him it'd be considered a heterosexual relationship..

    The guy would be considered straight if he were not into other guys..

    Source(s): 29 yr old, homosexual, transitioned male
  • 1 decade ago

    they are both in a straight relationship but if she also attracted to women than she is bi but if you ask me they are just two people in love and that's always a good thing...

    Source(s): ts woman
  • 1 decade ago

    yes and trans guy is a born a guy turns to a girl

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