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in the movie Secret Window?

I dont rele get the ending at all, so was Mort a killer and not even know it? Just please someone explain everything to me, cause most of it I dont get.


how could he kill his dog, the cop ad tom green and him not realizing it? And is shooter a real guy?

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    Mort suffered from something like multiple personality disorder. Cupcake is right, "John Shooter was just in his imagination. Kind of an alter ego. Mort killed as John. When he was killing he thought he was John. When he was Mort he thought John was a separate person."

    BUT the key to understanding the ending of this movie is understanding what Mort says about the corn: "'I know I can do it,' Todd Downey said, helping himself to another ear of corn from the steaming bowl. 'I'm sure that in time, every bit of her will be gone and her death will be a mystery... even to me.'" Mort buried his victims in the garden where he grew his corn. When he consumed the corn at the end of the movie, it was like he was eating his victims and destroying the evidence of their murder.

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    Well to understand the movie, you might want to read the book first, Stephen King is emphamous for strange twists, in his stories. It's never who you think it's going to be lol. Yes Mort was the killer, he had a split personality and didn't realize it. Which is scary, considering there are people in this world, with that same condition. He was obsessed with changing the ending, because in the orginal version of his book, the cheating wife lived; the story was about his wife & that asshole she was banging.

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    Yes.John Shooter was just in his imagination.Kind of an alter ego.Mort killed as John.When he was killing he thought he was John.When he was Mort he thought John was a seperate person.

    So to answer your question,yes...Mort was the killer.John Shooter wasn't real.

    He didn't know it because he was mentally disturbed.It happens all the time in real life.People will kill and not remember and blame it on someone else.He really thought John Shooter was a real guy.

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    shooter is not real.

    Mort created him to help take care of his wife, so it was like a split personality. Mort had no idea he had killed his dog, because the shooter side of himself did that.

    one personality never knows what the other personality is doing.

    even in real schizophrenics.

    he knew she should have died when he caught her cheating on him. shooter (in his head) helped him accomplish it.

    Source(s): shooter: "you didn't have the guts to do those things yourself, but you knew i did. we got everything all cleaned up around here? whats the real reason i came for?" mort: "to fix the story. fix the ending." shooter: "and how do you suppose we oughta do that?" hands mort the hat, and he puts it on. proving there never was a john shooter. -------------------- mort- to himself "there is no john shooter. there never has been, you invented him."
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    It was one of those thrillers were they use reverse psychology on you. Mort was obsessed or mental, and kept picturing that it was the other guy. I'd give you more details but I Saw the movie once and it was when it was released. Another movie like that is Memento.

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    He snapped when he caught his wife cheating in a motel room... became a character from one of his books... killed everyone...

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    its the same old fight club theory he cant deal so he creates another personality to handle his biz for him

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    split personality

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