So i have to pick groups we have in school Preppy,giecks,Middle class,Punks,and more if you could think of any?

Can anybody give me like

one adavantage and disadvantage for alli listed and you could add more!

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    advantage- popular

    disadvantage- bad rep. (known for snotiness, stuck up, brand names), never expresses self through clothing(wears what everyone else wears)


    advantage- smart

    disadvantage- look down upon (outcasts)

    middle class-

    advantage- usually most of the people in middle/high school are middle class

    disadvantage- i really can't think of one


    advantage- will always be known as the kid/kids that pulled of the pranks (holds a legacy for years)

    disadvantage- usually in trouble, teachers look down on them


    advantage- always having a girlfriend/boyfriend, on athletic team

    disadvantage- kind of what the disadvantage of preppy is

    normal(people who don't put themselves in a category)-

    advantage- has most the school being their friend because they don't care what kind of "social status" you have

    disadvantage- not enough time to talk to everyone on your friends list


    advantage- everyone leaves you alone

    disadvantage- people are rude to you


    advantage- able to express your emotions without caring what others think

    disadvantage- you are like a goth

    band kids-

    advantage- have other band FRIENDS, can play an instrument, if your on the drumline your cool

    disadvantage- the band has a bad rep. every since the movie American Pie Band Camp came out for some reason

    that's all i can think of right now but if i think of some others i'll be sure to tell you.

    But in my opinion i wouldn't pick a group and I would try to get along with everybody...that's what I do...and it's worked out for me since 6th grade (when people think that social structure starts to matter) and i'm in 10th...and people respect you because your different.

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    Are you reading the book Speak? This is what we had to do when we read that book like a month ago...anyways, here's what we've got--or what we call them all--at our school..they all sit at different tables and we classified the tables.

    Nerds/Geeks no one likes.

    Emo/Goth dudes.

    BFFs! Thats us!

    Stupid seniors.

    Stupider (not a word, but who cares) Seniors.

    SADD peeps.

    Dabbled in drugs.


    The couples table.


    Then some people eat in the other cafeteria but we dont care about them.

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    Goth, Hey do you have goth people?

    I am not sure if there are advantages or disadvantages to groups like these beyond the acceptance you feel with a group that is like you and you can associate with.

    Now if you had a group like the chess group, ( advantages: learn skills like strategic planning) or choir group - discipline?

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    4 years ago

    Get a whole gift package including things like, pencils, notebooks, backpacks, suitcases, one of those best friend necklaces with a locket built in, and a picture frame. She will remmeber you and how thoughtful you where to get her all those nice things. Hope I helped!

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    are giecks people who like geico commercials?

    school is very different since i've gone, but ive never heard of middleclass, i thought that was a social class. we had burnouts and goths too, then they turned into stoners and i hear goth is gone and in with the emos.. i need a nap, do your own homework sweetheart, you will learn more...

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    jocks / casual gangsters would deff be the best ground like u dress casual but play sports just be chill you know listen to some r&b / hip-hop / rap just doing your thang chillen hanging with friends partying playing some sports u dont gotta be to smart either

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    preps, geeks, punks, goths, emos, rednecks, dirtballs, anti-socials, jocks, (I'd say jocks and cheerleaders are probably in the prep dept.) Then there's the cool people who can accept you for who you are no matter how you look or act lol

    Source(s): It's been a long time since I was in school so you will have to think of the advantages and disadvantages of being in one or all of those social groups.
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    I'm totally going to ignore this question..seriously if you don't know who you are, how is anyone else supposed to know?

    Hey I have a novel idea, hang out with your friends!

  • cheerleaders - good: popular and pretty, bad: probably won't get a good job later on in life

    jocks- same as above

    sk8ter guys: not sure

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    *geeks, losers, ghetto, mean girls, emo, red neck, cheerleader-tyype, jocks, then there's just the plain cool part-of-everything people

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