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US policy on Assisted Suicide.?

I'm doing a paper on the US policy on assisted suicide and I was wondering for some helpful information/ links.

Specifically I want to know if any institutions have played a part in US assisted suicide and most importantly what is the current policy, which law(s) state what can and can't be done, how is it funded and administered, etc.

Whatever you know would be really helpful, thanks.

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    There is not a US policy on it, but a few of the states have implemented it into their state constitutions. Look under Oregon's statutes to find information on it. I believe that is the oldest one on the books.

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    Currently only Oregon has a death with dignity act law. It was recently upheld in the US Supreme Court, in a case filed by then Us Attorney general Ashcroft.

    Washington is trying again on a ballot measure.

    It is not publicly funded. it is not publicly administered but monitored by DHHS. You have certain terminal illnesses and less then 1 year to live. You contact your personal physician and he prescribes medication, advises you of the lethal dosage and you decide when or if you take it.

    Few people have opted for this and fewer have actually used it. A large minority actually fill the prescription and don't use it. So far, all the cries of euthanasia (not the same) are wildly unfounded.

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    The federal government opposes it in all forms".

    However, some states like Oregon have state laws that give people the right request medicines to kill themselves when they have terminal and painful illnesses.

    Google "Assisted suicide" & "Right to Die" look up the "Hemlock Society" Kevorkian


    Assited suicide is very rare in America except for Oregon. It's much more accepted in Europe: Holland and Switzerland

    There's tons of stuff. Google will offer to fix my spelling if it's bad.

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    Dr. Jack Kevorkian specialized in it for years. He was subsequesntly imprisoned.

    Oregon is the only state that allows some sort of physician assisted suicide.

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    The laws on such vary from state to state. There is no "US policy" on the subject.

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