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On a saddle,what is a gullet and how do you get the size?

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    In an English saddle, the width of the saddle can be narrow, medium/regular, or wide. Each of these describes the angle between the points. There is a metal "gullet plate" on the tree, at the pommel of the saddle. The size of this gullet plate determines the angle between the points.

    A narrow saddle has an 86 degree angle.

    A medium or regular saddle has a 90 degree angle--a "right angle," like the corner of a square.

    A wide saddle has a 94 degree angle.

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    Appaloosa is a colour pattern, not a breed and you will need to take into account his spine, his height, his shoulder action etc. A saddler will need to check that there is daylight visible through from the front to back down the gullet with a rider on board, that there is no pressure points anywhere, though this could be altered with re-stuffing etc and that the saddle does not interfere with his shoulder or front leg action. It should not be so long that it presses on the loins which is where there are few muscles and the kidneys are housed. The saddle also needs to fit you so that you can sit centrally and are not pushed back or sit too far forward. Every horse is individual and a saddle is something you cannot just buy off the shelf and expect it to fit. It needs professional fitting. You can take no short cuts.

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    On a saddle,what is a gullet and how do you get the size?

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    What Is A Gullet

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