who would you ivite to dinner dead or living?

you can have any 10 people to dinner they can be dead or living famous or not, good evil, fictional or real, but what are the reasons mine would be

1. Hitler, interesting to ask what it feels like to be a looser

2. churchill, great arguments with Hitler

3. Ghandi, for beating British rule in India peacefully and ask if he's annoyed he got shot

4. john lennon, great muscisian and political

5. kristen kreuk from smallville, sje's fit

6. the one who plays lois form smallville she's fit too get glamour

7. V from V for vendetta, i like his way of talking and thinking

8. Billy Connoly

9. lee evans comedy legends

10. bertrand russell, philosopher so i can slap him as his philosophy sucks, how do you know a table is a table because it contains the universal table sod off

lol, so whats yours

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  • jobug
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    1 decade ago
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    1. Alton Brown- Because he is the coolest guy on the Food Network. He is also very smart and would be very interesting to talk to.

    2. Johnny Depp- No explanation needed! ;)

    3. My grandfather on my dad's side- Because he passed away before I was born and I would have really loved to get to know him.

    4. Craig McCracken (creator of Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends)- Because I have a really cool idea for an episode of Foster's that I'd love to share with him. Silly? Sure, but so what.

    5. Axl Rose- Because GNR has always been one of my favorite groups and I think he's sexy in a grungy sort of way.

    6. Abraham Lincoln- Because from what I have read, he was a great president who did alot of good for others. Plus, it would be neat to hear about how things were in his time.

    7. My friend Laura- Because she moved to California and I haven't seen her for a few years. I miss her alot.

    8. Yoda- Because he's just so darn cool!!

    9. Eric Clapton- Because I think he is (and always has been) one of the most talented musicians ever. It would be great to hear stories about his life and hear him sing/play right here in my home.

    10. Lady Luck- Because hopefully while she was here she would tell me I won the lottery and I'd be RICH!!! :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Michael Jackson-- Christina Aguilera-- beyonce------ 7 of the MJ fans here on answers........

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i think i would have to choose

    1-bob marley- bc he was my hero

    2- al pacino- bc he made my fav movie of all time

    3-jimmy hendrix- bc he was just amazing

    4- jessica alba- bc shes my idol (sp)

    5- ryan gosling- bc hes sexy

    6- johnny depp-bc i love the way he acts

    7- kurt cabang(sp)- bc he was the ****

    8-jessica simpson- to ask her why shes soo stupid lol

    9- mark wahlberg- bc i love him

    10-paul walker- just bc hes gorgeous

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