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How do you get the smell of butt...?

out of a leather chair? Thanks in advance!


To explain better....I have had this leather computer chair for a VERY LONG time, of course it has been farted on numberous times and now it kinda smells butt! The problem is, this is my work computer chair, so I just can't get a new one or do a huge scrub down either. I was thinking maybe Lysol wipes but I'm not sure that would really help. :)

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    Lysol "crisp linen" several light coats allowed to dry inbetween should do the trick and leave it smelling fresh...oh, and while you are at the grocery store in the cleaning aisle getting the Lysol....go up to Ailse 2 and get some Gas-X...;-)

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    really don't understand how your chair could smell like butt unless you are like myself and don't like the smell of leather. What I would do is clean it with leather cleaner. Then I would turn it upside down and spray it full of Fa-breeze. I have also put my favorite clone under the bottom of my couches and chairs only because I dint like leather smell.

  • deb
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    1 decade ago

    Clean the chair with leather cleaner or saddle soap.

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    I don't want to know how the smell of butt got there in the first place. I guess you can wipe it down with some mild soap and water and then clean it with some leather cleaner.

    Next time have people keep their pants and underwear on when they sit down on your sofa.

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  • 3 years ago

    Oh shrink the lavender cleansing soap that's the worst scent interior the international till your ninety years previous no offense. purely use a conventional deoderant cleansing soap and you're able to be advantageous . i think of maximum adult adult males could say they dislike a lavender scent.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Some Febreeze & Lysol will work just fine :)

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    You must be farting on your chair a lot..

  • Glenn
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    1 decade ago

    how do u get the smell of butt in a leather chair in the first place lmao

  • Pagan
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    1 decade ago

    try a leather cleaner

  • 1 decade ago

    leather conditioner and leather soap

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