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Does the blue sceen problem shuts down your antivirus,windows defender and firewall?

I would like to know cause i dealt with this problem.

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    if you get a Blue Screen..everything stops. it's usually something like a memory overflow (thanks Microsoft <tic> )

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    If you get a blue screen on your PC/laptop. Then nothing will work and it will shut down all the applications. Windows' blue screen is intended to protect your OS from further damage or there is a conflict with a device driver.

    First thing you should do is to boot up your device in SAFE MODE. Press F8 while the Windows banner is on the screen. Proceed to go to DEVICE MANAGER and look for any errors. If there are errors try updating the device drivers.

  • Nick Z
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    1 decade ago

    ahhh the blue screen of death.

    usually when you get the blue screen everything shuts down. but if windows does recover (which it rarely does) then you may need to restart basic programs but ususally programs like anti virus or a firewall reload on thier own but it never hurts to look for viruses after something like that. try defraggingn virus scanning, and search for spyware. hope this helps

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    They call it "The Blue Screen of Death", maybe the last thing you see before your computer crashes. do a System Restore or Go Back ASAP, to a time when everything was working. It could also mean your computer is getting too hot. Make sure all fans are working.

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    Huh ?, threes lots of different Blue Screen(S) and it all depends on what the error is in the first place.

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    blue sceen of death shuts your whole PC down.

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