is a dui a felony in Alabama?

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    What Happens To First Time Offenders in Alabama?

    Alabama First Offender

    You Are DUI:

    If you have 08% BAC (blood alcohol content) or any amount that would render the driver incapable of safely driving. DUI applies to both alcohol and drugs - even prescription drugs.

    First Offense:

    Fine: $600-$2100.

    Additional $100 fine to Impaired Drivers Trust Fund.

    Imprisonment: Not more than 1 year (no mandatory minimum).

    Driver's License Suspended - 90 days.

    Alcohol Education or Treatment:

    Following conviction, all offenders receive a mandatory alcohol assessment/evaluation to determine the nature and extent of their alcohol problems. The assessment costs $50 and the offender usually pays.

    All offenders are required to attend education or treatment as recommended by the assessment.

    In most cases, repeat offenders are required to attend an intensive out-patient treatment program with monitoring by the court referral officer.

    Offenders failing to comply with the terms of their program are not eligible for license reinstatement and may be returned to the court for further action.

    Under 21 (first offense):

    Under 21 with .02% BAC, but less than .08%:

    30 days license Suspension

    If Juvenile (under 18), may impose delinquency dispositions, including $250 fine Completion of DUI/Substance Abuse Court Referral Program

    Under 21 with .08% BAC and over:

    DUI Fines only, may not assess additional Juvenile fine of $250; but if under 18, may utilize other juvenile dispositional alternatives.

    Day Care and School Bus Drivers - .02% BAC or more (first offense):

    1 year license suspension

    Fine - $600 - $2100 and/or

    Imprisonment for not more than 1 year

    Completion of DUI/Substance Abuse Court Referral Program

    Commercial Vehicle Drivers (First Violation):

    1 Year Suspension: for a BAC of .04 or more.

    2 Year Suspension: for failure to submit to test.


    Upon conviction or guilty plea, your insurance rates will probably rise to an unmanageable level. Your current company may drop your account and you may pay much more for less coverage at another carrier.

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    is a dui a felony in Alabama?

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    You don't usually go to jail on a first DUI , however because you have breached your Probation, things don't look good. Tell your PO asap . Much better if she hears it from you. What happens will depend to a large degree, on her report to the DA/Judge, concerning your compliance over the past year. Jail is a possibility , you can also be re sentenced on the original felony. You may be able to trade jail for rehab. See a lawyer. the first appt. is usually free or go to the courthouse and see the Public Defender. Good luck.

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    Only after the first 2 DUI Convictions

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    i believe it's a felony in every state.

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