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English language?

What is the root of English language(How was it made?)

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    Perhaps the single most significant event to cause an impact on the underlying Anglo Saxon language was the Norman Conquest in 1066, which caused Norman French to be imprinted on the vernacular, an influence which is very much in evidence today.

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    English began very roughly 1500 years ago, give or take a century or so, on the Eastern side of the island of Great Britain — in what we now call the East and South-East of England, but nobody called it ‘England’ then. It has a common ancestry with other 'West Germanic' languages, such as Dutch and German. Speakers of West Germanic languages emigrated from Northern Europe to England and the language evolved from that point.

    This quote from another contributor is absolute nonsense: ''English is a "trash language" that is, it is composed of bits and pieces of a bunch of other languages.'' English has a large number of Latin based words that came into the language in the 11th century from French, which was the language of the Norman conquerors. Later as English spread to othe rcountries through the British Empire, many loan words came in from other languages. However, the BASE vocabulary of English is still largely Germanic, and so is the grammar.

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    The earliest root is Low German, then the Romance languages, Latin, Spanish, French, Italian.

    Several others have influenced English in a few ways.

    Much of this came about through occupations of other countries.

    I think this is correct as I remember reading in an old dictionary.

    Below may be of help.

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    English is a "trash language" that is, it is composed of bits and pieces of a bunch of other languages.

    Particularly from Anglo-Saxon, Latin, German, and just about as many other European languages as you can imagine.

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    it came from the european languages..

    Source(s): so english rocks.
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    Latin, old english...

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