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我想要一d英文ge exercise

I WANT some english exercise(大約五/六年級程度左右,基本野都duck)



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    How to Improve Our English Study

    When I was at the age of thirteen, I began to keep diary in English .At first it seemed difficult to me ,but now it is easy . I know it is not possible to learn English well without more practice .I like reading ,listening and speaking .After school I often go to library to read English stories .My English teacher always helps me put some passages into English .

    I have little time to watch TV .After I finish writing my diary ,I always try to correct mistakes with the help of the dictionary . I think that keeping diary is one of the best ways to improve my English study .

    ( )1、I began to keep diary .

    A、when I was thirteen years old . B、before I was 13

    C、when I was twelve years old D、for 13 years

    ( )2、 it was not easy for me to keep diary in English .

    A、At last 13 B、At first C、Now D、Usually

    ( )3、It’s impossible to learn English well more practice .

    A、on B、with C、for D、without

    ( )4、The writer likes reading ,speaking and listening in his .

    A、keeping diary B、more reading C、more speaking D、more listening

    ( )5、What does the writer thing of keeping diary ? .

    A、Useful B、Hard C、Nothing D、Not easy .


    ( )1、What’s the weather like today? .

    A、It’s fine . B、Yes ,it’s a very nice day . C、Yes, it’s warm today . D、No, it’s cold .

    ( )2、The the tree red .

    A、apple on ;turn B、apples on ;turn C、apples in ;turn D、apple in ;turn

    ( )3、The grass yellow in .

    A、get ,spring B、get ,autumn C、turns ,autumn D、turn ,autumn

    ( )4、Whose school bag is heavier , ?

    A、your ,my B、yours ,mine C、yours ,his D、yours ,her

    ( )5、The middle school is about two kilometres here.

    A、far from B、far away from C、away D、away from

    ( )6、You are good at kites. Can you make one for me ?

    A、make ,for B、making ,for C、to make ,to D、makes ,to

    ( )7、Your father and your mother young .

    A、looks both B、both looks C、both look D、look both

    ( )8、Rose is taller than ,but I’m stronger than .

    A、me ,her B、I ,she C、me ,him D、her ,him

    ( )9、My eyes than .

    A、are bigger ,hers B、is bigger ,his C、are bigger ,her D、are smaller ,her

    ( )10、 good friends ,and we often help each other.

    A、We all are B、All we are C、All are we D、We are all

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