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Essay for my homework 1

1: Describe one person who has been influential in shaping your belifes and values. Explain why you chose this person. This essay I want to write about my father, he is a busnessman, other things you can make it up,

The level should about F.2-F.3. Unlimited amount of words, not too much and not too less.

Thanks for the help!!

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    I always look up to my father as a role model. He is my idol. When I was a little boy/ girl, my father was not very wealthy. He worked hard all his life. He made himself rich by doing businesses with the mainlanders and overseas clients. My father owned a small toy factory in Kwun Tong when I was little. After a few years, he moved the factory to China and started a bigger production line there. He was successful. Our family became wealthier. Although our life has changed and we are now living in a bigger house, my father always teaches me to donate money to the needy people in the society. My father always tells me not to forget those unfortunate people in our society; those who are hungry and poor. My father is a good man. I would never forget his teaching.

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