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? asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

急eng story...20分

要一編eng story...

大約300-400 字....

5係甘難明...簡單D ga......



thank you



用中文同我講係關於咩ga thx

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Update 3:




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    This story is about four children, Peter is the eldest, then Susan and Edmund, and the youngest called Lucy. They are sent away from London to live with an old Professor during the war because their house is in the place which is where the war holding. The old professor house is very big. One day they play hide-and-seek, Lucy hide into a wardrobe and find that there is a different world inside the cupboard. A place that always in winter and full of loneliness. Lucy meets Mr. Tummus a goat’s man (from waist upwards he is like a man and from the waist downwards it shaped like a goat) and tells her this place is called Narnia there’s a wicked White Witch and she catches the children on earth and has ordered who has seen any children from the earth must bring them to her, of course Mr. Tummus don’t. After visiting a different world, Lucy comes back home and tells her brothers and sister what has happened and they all don’t believe Lucy and think that she is just kidding.

    Days after, for some reason they are hide into the wardrobe and find there is really an other different world that Lucy has describe to them. They go inside and look around, they see a beaver and it tells them Mr. Tummus is caught by the White Witch because she finds he didn’t bring Lucy to her and makes him stone. They know the beaver is friendly and he brings them to his home to have a tea and tells them all the thing about Narnia. Unfortunately, the trees ( some of the trees are on the witch’s side) around them tells the witch with the children are in the beaver’s house. White Witch is coming towards and the beavers and the children run quickly to the Stone Table to find Aslan who is the only one can fight with the White Witch and changes the weather to spring. Finally, they are reach the Stone Table and find Aslan, few minutes later, the witch and her servants reach the Stone Table too , she and Aslan talk for a period of time. The White Witch soon gone. In the evening, Aslan wants to go out, but Lucy and Susan find that and afraid Aslan will left them alone, they ask Aslan and Aslan lets them to go with him. When they walk to the Stone Table where is the witch and all the creatures on her side, Aslan asks them to hide behind the bushes quietly and must not go out whenever what is going on. Aslan walks out and meets the witch, she orders her servants to tie and bind him, but he makes no noise. The White Witch say “You think you can change your life to them but you are wrong, after I kill you I can go and catch them….Ha!! Ha!! Ha!!” Susan and Lucy feel very sorry for Aslan. After the witch words, they see her kills Aslan by her stone knife. The witch and her people hurry, and left at midnight. Susan and Lucy come out to see Aslan when all the people are gone. The hug Aslan and they see there are some friendly mice helping Aslan to untie him. In surprise, they see Aslan wakes up and he tells them that the witch don’t know well about the Stone Table, and that means Aslan know the Stone Table’s details and he know he would be alive. Aslan carries them two on his back and runs to the witch’s garden and make all the stones (the men that on Aslan side and are changed into stones by the White Witch) alive. They, including the stones which has just been saved run quickly to help Peter and Edmund. Finally, they kill the witch and win the war. The four children, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy become the King and Queen in Narnia. One day, they decide to go back to their own world to have a look and when they go back into the room where the wardrobe placed, they were all not wearing Queen’s and King’s clothes and are wearing their old clothes and all the things like just happened for a few minutes. Days after days, they lived in their own world and sometimes go to Narnia to be the Kings and Queens, what a enjoying life!!

    Source(s): It's my book report~
  • 1 decade ago

    Once upon a time, there is a little elf live in a forest. Although he lived alone, he never felt lonely. It is because he got so many friends in the forest, such as butterfly, bee, bird, rabbit and so on.

    You will think what that little elf do everyday. Oh! Little elf is a farmer. He wakes up early in the morning and go to his farm. He grows carrtors, tomatos, potatos,...He grows lots lots of vegetables and flowers. It's not just for himslef. It's for his friends as well.

    After his busy work, he usually picks up some plants that he grew, go home and makes a dinner by use those vegetables for himself.

    He is so enjoy his life and never ask for anymore things else. Of course he notise that everyone has a parnet. However, he never ask for, because he knows that God will help him to find the situable one.

    One day, When he woke up, he felt so afriad. Everything had changed. He didn't know where his friends gone. All the trees in the forest are gone too. He ran to his farm and has a look at once. Oh! A sad news, elf's farm was gone too. Little elf very upset. In front of him is nothing, but a wasteland.

    Little elf has to go somewhere else and build a new home. Move home is not a big dile, but someone ersase Little elf's happy memorise.

    Source(s): YAHOO SEARCH
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