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HiTHERE asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

請問有誰能幫我嗎? 10 main stereotypes~

今天學校敎了這個 10 main stereotypes of Disabled People. 可是我還是不是很了解....

可不可以請各位高手能幫我?! <請盡量不要用網路翻譯, 謝謝~>

* 的地方不用解釋, 我只想要那10個的意思~~

10 Main Stereotypes of Disabled People

1.Pitiable and pathetic; sweet and innocent; a miracle cure

* Poor Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol.

2. Victim or object of violence

3. Sinister or evil

* The pirate captain in Hook or terrifying Freddy in Nightmare on Elm Street.

4. Atmosphere- curios or exotica in "freak shows", and in comics, horror movies and science fiction

* The facially disfigured ~Phantom of the Opera.

5. "Super- crip"/ triumph over tragedy/ noble warrior

* Blind Mathew Murdock has radar- like senses he uses to fight evil in


* The last item on the TV news, eg a blind man climbing a mountain.

6. Laughable or the butt of jokes

* Dumb and Dumber features two men with learning difficulties in laughable situations.

* Lead character has learning difficulties in Forrest Gump.

7. Having a chip on their shoulder/ aggressive avenger

* Captain Hook, the wicked pirate in Hook.

8. A burden/ outcast

* Despised outcast, Quasimodo, in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

9. Non- sexual or in capable of a worthwhile relationship

10. Incapable of fully participating in everyday life

* The absence of disabled people from everyday situations, and not

being shown as integral and productive members of society. When

they are shown, the focus is on their impairments.

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    1 可憐和可憐; 甜點和無辜; 治癒奇蹟* 惡劣的微小的Tim 在聖誕頌歌。

    2 暴力受害者或對象

    3 陰險或邪惡* 海盜上尉在勾子裡或可怕的Freddy 在惡夢在榆木街道。

    4 大氣古玩或exotica 在"畸形人顯示", 和在漫畫、恐怖片和科幻* 歌劇的面部被難看的~幽靈 。

    5 "超級crip"/ 勝利結束悲劇貴族戰士* 瞎的Mathew Murdock 有雷達像他過去常與罪惡戰鬥在冒失鬼的感覺。* 最後項目在電視新聞, 即一個盲人攀登山。

    6 可笑或笑話靶垛* 沉默寡言和更加沉默寡言的特點二個人有學習的困難在可笑的情況。* 主角有學習的困難在Forrest Gump 。

    7 有一塊芯片在他們的肩膀進取的復仇者* Hook, 邪惡的海盜上尉在勾子裡。

    8 負擔拋棄* 被藐視的拋棄, Quasimodo, 在Notre Dame 的鴕背。

    9 非性或在有能力在一個值得的關係上

    10 不能勝任充分地參加日常生活* 殘疾人缺席從每天情況, 和不被顯示作為社會的缺一不可和有生產力的成員。當他們被顯示, 焦點是在他們的損傷。

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