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RB sleeps late and is usually late leaving the house. Therefore, he eats breakfast only occasionally. He does drink a cup of coffee (with sugar) while getting ready for work. He does not eat in the school cafeteria at lunch because he does not like the food. He says it is not real food. The RD discovered RB does not eat for the sake of eating or boredom; he eats because he enjoys good food. He brings a sandwich from home and drinks and a soda. His sandwiches are usually egg salad, chicken salad, deli roast beef, or salami, made with rye, whole wheat, or sometimes French bread. He puts some mustard and a little bit of mayonnaise with some lettuce and

tomato on his sandwiches.

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    RB 後睡覺和通常是晚離開房子。所以, 他只偶爾地吃早餐。他喝一杯咖啡(用糖) 當準備好工作。他不吃在學校食堂在午餐因為他不喜歡食物。他說這不是真正的食物。RD 發現RB 不吃為吃或乏味; 他吃因為他享用好食物。他帶來一個三明治從家和飲料和蘇打。他的三明治通常是蛋沙拉、雞丁沙拉、熟食店烤牛肉、或蒜味鹹臘腸, 被做用黑麥, 整體麥子, 或有時法國麵包。他把一些芥末和稍微蛋黃醬放用一些萵苣和蕃茄在他的三明治上。

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