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    歌手(Artist):Late Night Alumni

    歌名(Song) :Empty Streets

    專輯(Album):Empty Streets


    The city feels clean this time of night

    Just empty streets and me walking home

    To clear my head

    i know it came as no surprise

    I'm affected more than I had guessed

    By what was said-then

    If this loves not meant to be

    If a hearts not ready to open

    If the naked eye won't see

    It's broken.

    it's a quiet time before the dawn

    And I'm half past making sense of it

    Was I wrong?

    Should I think to give it all-should i claim to give it all?

    In a world where not much ever seems

    To last long.

    If this loves not meant to be-if this love is not meant to be,

    If a hearts not ready to open-if the hearts not ready to open

    If the naked eye won't see-if we make it i won't see

    It's broken.

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    Late Night Alumni - Empty Streets

    夜耀精靈 - 冷巷空街

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