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Are good guys not good enough?

I want to know the answer for this question because every guy I know is a good guy just like me. But every girl we have fallen in love with always dumps us. My ex ended up dumping me for he bff's brother, who forced himself on her. They aren't dating but they did have sex. I mean I was the best I could have been in the relationship and I can't seem to just get her back. She said that I was sweet and nice in the note she broke up with me in. Is nice and sweet just not good enougth? Is it because someone else will take us out of the picture or what? I mean are good guys not good enough?


I'm a good guy but I'm also take risks but she just dumped me out of nowhere I mean is it just not enough?

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    that's not true. the thing about good guys is that they can be afraid to take risks and lack confidence. girls love a guy who is self-assured and assertive. so if ur a nice guy and aquire those traits- ur golden. a little bad *** edge is always enticing as well, but not neccessary for a long term relationship. as long as ur putting urself out there and embracing ur good-guy status, then others will begin to embrace it more as well.

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    NO I love good guys , you just need to wait awhile for the right girl but sometimes it's good to go wild by doing crazy sponataneous things you dont have to be bad.Keep your hopes high and always act like you , go with what comes out, if you get nervous thats adorable!You'll find a great girl don't worry because many girls look for guys like you but can't find them, I am sure that some girl will be happy to have you.The only thing I think is a different good is not being brave and macho, we like that but we also LOVE sweet romantic lover boys.......... And yes good guys are more then enough! <3

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    The sort of girl that would leave you for a guy like that, is not the kind of girl you want to be with in the long run anyways. I can admit that I've fallen for my share of bad guys, but you know? I married the good guy. The "sweet" and "nice" guy comes home to me, and we have crazy sex every night lol. There are upsides to being a good guy ^_~ Keep your chin up honey, and watch for a "nice and "sweet" girl, because us innocent girls... We're the ones who are crazy in bed.


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    That's a fair question to ask and one I struggled with at times.

    It would seem that good guys are safe guys. Many girls, women, etc. are always claiming to be on the lookout for good guys, then they find one, date one, and break-up with one just as you described. For me, it seems like uncertainty, "Is this the guy I really want to be with? He's nice and sweet, but is that too boring? Where's the excitement? Am I ready to be with just him?"

    A general rule, as women get older, you'll notice that their tastes can shift drastically. Some who used to like the bad boys are now looking for a bad boy appearance but a good boy heart. They start to realize they are ready to be with the next really good guy who fits them well. Obviously every person reaches that point at varying times and men have their own version of this, so we're not exempt.

    The best I can say is keep on the lookout for a good girl and one day, you'll find her.

    Good luck.

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    No! You should have been enough for her. Especially being such a nice guy. Don't worry you'll find someone better. Never think your not good enough because you are . She was the one not good enough for you. Don't try and get her back . There's no reason to . She didn't want you . SO don't degrade yourself. You deserve better. You will find someone prefect for you.You'll see. Just keep smiling till then. : )

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    No! Good guys are good enough but it takes a true, smart, woman/girl with her head screwed on to see that YOU are a good Guy and You will treat her the way she needs to be treated.

    Also the women/girls that don't know what they want tend to go for the "bad" guys because they say they are "tough" and they think that they are all that and they usually have money to burn. Good luck!

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    it depends on the girl. most girls want the "bad boy" to make things interesting, until he ends up breaking her heart. i think nice guys have a chance when a girl is ready to settle down and be with a genuine guy who will treat her like gold.

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    nice and sweet is good... it balance outs the ******* and give girls the option of switchin...if they ever see the light... but ur situation is mine when i was in middle school through 11th grade u gotta be a bit of a ******, women love to see there men be MEN, theres a dark side of everybody.. let it out a bit, show her u can be tough. but don go overboard cuz there is a line.

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    Unfortunately, nice guys finish last. Sometimes I wonder if I should even enter a relationship at all (I've never been in one).

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    Is not that they are not good enough, girls do want good guys, but not pushovers. No one likes a guy who will let anyone, including her run all over him. Don't confuse good with pushover.

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