in the state of maryland, does a teen mom have to be. . . .?

if a teen becomes pregnant, and they want to keep their baby, would they have to be 18 to recieve help from organizations like wic, or whatever else programs their is, if they need it. or would they have to have their parents to help them. Also how would she pay for her hospital care, like the visits, and the actual labor? If her parent doesnt have health insurance? is there any way she could still have her baby? would wic help her too.

this isnt happening to me, i was jus wondering how that would work.

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    Maryland has a wonderful thing called MCHP. It is the state's children's health plan for families that can't afford health care for their children. It covers pregnant women and children. It covers pretty much everthing that comes with being pregnant, including visits to your family doctor for things not related to pregnancy, and basic dentist visits. I don't know how it would work for a minor, but if your parents don't have insurance then you are probably eligible for MCHP, it is based on income. As for WIC, most pregnant women, no matter what their age, are eligible for wic. However, the only things that wic covers are milk, cheese, peanut butter, cereal, juice and eggs, but they will help you if you need a referal to any other agency to help with a variety of other issues if you need it (anything from where to get financial or housing assistance to how to get food stamps to what doctors and dentists can help you throughout your pregnancy).

    I hope this helps!

    Source(s): MCHP patient, mom of three, 28 weeks with #4 (btw, for those who think some abuse the system, I am a working parent who can't get insurance through my job and can't afford the insurance through my husband's job, I am paying taxes so I know where my tax dollars go!!)
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    If your parents do not have health insurance you can get medical assistance to cover your medical bills. As for wic they are going to look at your household income. So if your parents make too much money you will not qualify. And no you do not have to be 18 to qualify as long as your family is considered low income

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    she can apply for medicaid (or what ever the state health care is called there) prgrams like wic are to help all pregnant woman regardless of age. If she chooses to keep her baby no one can tell her no. She is the mother and it is her choice, no one can forse her to give the baby up.

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    No when you are pregnant you are considered an adult to government agencies on forms you do not see childs grandparent so your mother or father wouldnt be responsible for your child you would. So you can get help either way doesnt matter what state.

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